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This idea SHOULD work out expensive.

  oresome 21:02 18 Jul 2018

Drivers who stick to speed limits will be sent congratulatory letters praising their motoring skills.

PC Heidi Moxam, Road Casualty Reduction Officer for the south-west force, said: "Our aim is to create a road respect culture in Dorset by highlighting the benefits of being more considerate to each other on the road."


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  Aitchbee 21:56 18 Jul 2018

If you get one of these letters it means that the long-arm-of-the-law has got you well-and-truly ticked or possibly nicked if you are not so good a driver, the following day. Bad bad bad idea.

  Forum Editor 00:08 19 Jul 2018

Anything which helps to create a better road respect culture gets my vote.

I was once stopped by an unmarked police car on a fairly busy road in Yorkshire. I pulled over, and a uniformed officer asked me if I would get out of the car. I couldn't imagine what I had done wrong.

He said 'we have followed you at a distance for the past five miles, and we would like to complement you on the standard of your driving'.

I was taken completely by surprise, but as I drove on it did give me a good feeling.

  oresome 08:15 19 Jul 2018

What's the betting that the number of letters being sent out soon gets cut due to budget constraints.

  BT 08:16 19 Jul 2018

He said 'we have followed you at a distance for the past five miles, and we would like to complement you on the standard of your driving'.

I think if I'd had a Police Car following me for 5 miles I would have been demonstrating my very best driving behaviour too. Even 'at a distance' I think I would have noticed them after all they must have been reasonably close to have been able to observe you among the busy traffic. Makes you wonder why if you were driving properly they picked on you to 'follow' and were not picking up on the probably many more drivers who were not driving responsibly.

  Pine Man 08:24 19 Jul 2018

Nothing new in this. In the late 50s early 60s where I lived in the north west they had 'Courtesy Cops' who stopped people who were driving well to praise them.

Re-introducing this at a time when the police are too busy to do anything seems to be at odds with making the best use of their scarce resources.

  MPN1A 18:53 19 Jul 2018


FE said that it was an unmarked police car.

  john bunyan 19:34 19 Jul 2018

This at a time when they solve less than 10% of crimes!

  john bunyan 20:08 19 Jul 2018
  scales 19:21 20 Jul 2018

Why do you get an endorsement on your licence if you drive badly? An endorsement should be for good driving. Not sure what the opposite of endorsement is though.

  john bunyan 20:12 20 Jul 2018

Antonyms for endorsement denial disapproval disfavor opposition veto refusal censure rejection

Roget's 21st Century Thesaurus, Third Edition Copyright © 2013 by the Philip Lief Group

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