ICSTIS shuts down rogue net diallers

  kev.Ifty 21:13 19 Oct 2004

About "Beeping" time

click here

There should be clear call costs.
On-screen terms and conditions.
Contact details for the company.
Confirmation box showing you agree to download software.
On-screen clock showing running total of costs.
Automatic cut-off if cost reaches £20.
Icon to show dialler is installed."

Aint that nice?


  Dorsai 21:15 19 Oct 2004

Better late than never. Just a pity it's late.

  carolineann 21:33 19 Oct 2004

As Dorsai say's "Better late than never".

Unfortunatly too many people have already been stung for several hundred pounds.

  kev.Ifty 22:22 19 Oct 2004

A friend of mine had an £800 phone bill from NTL. Of course it was internet diallers...
But i thought NTL offered to block Premium Rate Numbers when one signs up. My mate reckons not. I'm sure there were complaints from NTL customers to the BBC, when they found they were unable to vote in the Restoration program recently shown on TV. Apparently it turned out they had previously selected to block the dialling of that type of number when they first became a NTL Customer.

Interesting that nobody had previously complained about not being able to vote for Big Brother!! ;-)

Cheers Kev.

  spuds 00:05 20 Oct 2004

Straight from ICSTIS click here [abode pdf format] click here

I have BT barring, and it works. The other day I had an unknown dialler in my system which was found by a2squared.Surprised I made further checks it was found that the BT barring came into play.Great bit of kit, unless of course I get a very large telephone bill shortly.

  georgemac 06:48 20 Oct 2004

"Any unlicensed dialler service ICSTIS finds, either through public complaints or its own in-house monitoring, will be shut down immediately under the regulator's emergency powers."

surely now if they all need a license, the phone companies can check all mumbers in use to see if they belong to a licensed company and if not shut them down?

  georgemac 17:51 25 Oct 2004

I have 2 kids who have mobile phones. I am forever harping on at them never to put their number into a webpage offering something for free or reply to a text with similar offerings.

My son recently downloaded a text message which he paid £1.50 for - he never realised this was also a subscription for 1 ringtone every week for £1.50 - his money ran out and when I topped it up with a tenner - zap - right down to £6. I managed to find it and unsubscribe.

Last Friday we were in the car on the way home from a trip to the city. Beep, he got a quiz question which charged him £1.50 - 88600 - I said I'd have a look when we got home but I forgot. First thing Saturday morning another question at a cost of £1.50. I sent a stop text to the number but the report never said delivered, only pending.

Had a look at the ICSTIS website and this is what it said.

"If you are receiving chargeable text messages that you want to cancel, you must contact your mobile phone company, give them this shortcode number and request the contact details of the company responsible for the messages you are receiving. You should then contact that company and request to be removed from their database. All company information regarding the shortcodes are held by your mobile phone provider - it is their responsibility to ensure that these details are provided to you on request. Any cancellation request submitted to us will not be responded to."

So I emailed O2 informing them of what happened and asked them to provide the company details ao I could contact them - as outlined by ICSTIS.

Give O2 their due I got this reply today and my sons credit has increased but not by the £3 (I never asked for a refund).

"Thank you for your enquiry.

The alerts that you have been receiving, have been sent to you by a third party company and not from O2.

However, I have made a note of the mobile number and have requested that the alerts be terminated.

The cancellation of the alerts from the third party company may take up to 5 days to action. If the alerts continue after this period, please reply to this email and we will investigate further."

They have stopped but why would they not give me contact details for the company?

Anyway, speaking to other parents, many of us are in the same boat, and I believe there should be some sort of preference service where I could bar my number being subscribed to premium rate services. What do others think?

  Galli 20:41 18 Nov 2004

On the tenth of September when I tried to dial up
Tesco.net it dialled longer than usual then very
briefly flashed 123 on the dial up screen,I
immediately clicked disconnect,and checked my dial up numbers etc.some of my friends have been hit with the rogue number dial up scam.
I tried to connect and the same thing happened,I tried ringing One.Tel,ring back to-morrow,tried again the next day and after another tour of India advised to try again to-morrow.
Finally got the number off my phone bill,mailed
ICSTIS,One.Tel,and Tesco.net,no reply from any,mailed Tesco three times,and finally rang
their customer services who informed me this was Tesco's premium rate number,they rang on my mobile and we checked dial up was ok,told me to send phone bill,and I got a reply from a lady who was adamant that Tesco software could not dial their premium number,and said I must have dialled the number myself,well it may be impossible for their software to dial it but that is exactly what happened,have any other readers had this problem?.

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