I wouldn’t trust these idiots with a rowing boat!

  Brumas 21:41 10 Jun 2010

Isn’t this a bit like using cruise-control whilst driving in the fog on a motorway?
click here These people should be banned from taking a craft out to sea for a twelve month and be made to pay towards the costs of the emergency services who were called to the incident!

"The skipper of the yacht told the coastguard rescue team the vessel was on autopilot at the time of the incident with no visual watch in place and due to the tides had arrived at the Farne Islands earlier than expected. The visibility at the time was reduced to 200m due to fog". The mind boggles!!!

I class these people along with the morons who regularly attempt to cross the causeway to or from Holy Island outside the safe crossing times!

When I was in the Merchant Navy Training School, T.S. Vindicatrix many moons ago everyone had to obtain their Lifeboat Certificate, it didn’t matter if you were Deck or Catering, you couldn’t pass out until you obtained it. I wonder if one needs any type of training to put to sea in any type/size craft nowadays?

  octal 22:14 10 Jun 2010

I would loved to have been a fly on the wall when the coastguard officer had a word with the skipper.

  WhiteTruckMan 22:20 10 Jun 2010

then doesnt it make it fair salvage?


  Woolwell 22:39 10 Jun 2010

Regrettably these sort of incidents happen all too frequently. There is no requirement to have a licence. Salvage still applies.

Many years ago I was involved in search and rescue. Every summer we had the same sort of incidents - climbers stuck on cliffs, falling down cliffs, divers suffering from the bends, divers separated from their boat, yachts lost, badly maintained small craft, etc. In one case we rescued a yacht crew who then complained that we hadn't managed to tow the yacht. There was also the visually impaired person in charge of party of youngsters in the English Channel and lost. For some take one look at sea/water and brain goes to water too!

It is about time that they were charged for their rescue.

  Forum Editor 22:51 10 Jun 2010

All RNLI volunteers automatically renounce their right to claim salvage as a condition of their service.

Technically an abandoned vessel may be boarded without the consent of the owner/master, but if the master is in the vicinity - in a lifeboat, or in the water around the vessel for instance, anyone attempting salvage would need to obtain consent to board or tow, and if a financial towing rate is agreed in such circumstances salvage can't apply.

It's one of the reasons why ships' masters will often attempt to stay with a grounded vessel for as long as possible after other crew members have abandoned ship. By staying aboard the master can reduce the amount of a subsequent salvage claim.

  Brumas 22:54 10 Jun 2010

I'm hoping there will be a follow up in next week's Advertiser.

  Strawballs 22:56 10 Jun 2010

All pleasure craft should be made to have insurance to cover the cost of the emergency services, i9f the insurance companies had to start paying for the helicopters they would soon start insisting on proper training and qualifications.

  Brumas 23:13 10 Jun 2010

I have always been of the same opinion, along with mountain climbers and anyone else whose pursuits/hobbies/sports necessitated emergency services to respond to accidents etc.

  WhiteTruckMan 23:52 10 Jun 2010

Could that be the origin of the old saw about a captain going down with his ship then?


  morddwyd 08:05 11 Jun 2010

"due to the tides had arrived at the Farne Islands earlier than expected. "

That explains it then.

How can any poor mariner predict what the tides are going to do?

There was a similar incident in the Forth on the weekend, where they were cut off by the tide.

click here

I can never understand why, as long as there is no danger of drowning, they can't just wait for the tide to go out again.

  Quickbeam 09:02 11 Jun 2010

"Isn’t this a bit like using cruise-control whilst driving in the fog on a motorway?"
What's wrong with that? Fog causes great eye strain, you'll get to your destination feeling much fresher... and you might as well read the paper as well.

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