I wouldn't Subscribe to PCA

  Proclaimer 23:19 12 Dec 2007

but I could be tempted by a Quarterly Condensed version.

I don't chase new technology as much as I did 5 years ago and I am 'web' savvy. So whilst I like the magazine and I find that articles dealing with all the new technology fascinating, I just don't need them every month.

I know this sounds like a 'Readers Digest Condensed Book' idea but when you see past that, maybe it is worth some discussion. Has anyone taken this idea out for a test?

  Totally-braindead 23:24 12 Dec 2007

Can't see it happening really and don't recall anyone ever suggesting it before.
In order for PCA to keep the same content they would have to charge 3 times as much and to be honest they are always a bit behind new technology anyway, a 3 month delay would make this a lot worse as technology moves so fast.
I don't think its practical at all and I personally don't think many people would be in favour of it either as they would completely lose touch.

  Kev.Ifty 23:35 12 Dec 2007

I dont buy PC Advisor every month. Although it is one of the best Computer magazines. It can be a little expensive.

A bi weekly less expensive mag might be the way forward. But there again isn't there computeractive filling that roll?

  Totally-braindead 23:44 12 Dec 2007

This is interesting. One person wants a magazine every second week, one wants it every 3 months and one of us is happy as it is.

  Quickbeam 01:01 13 Dec 2007

I'd like to see the month of the magazine be actually in that month! Why has magazine publishing gone so far ahead of the publication date?

  laurie53 07:17 13 Dec 2007

Surely if you just want a condensed version this site (the whole site, not just the forums) fills the bill?

  interzone55 08:41 13 Dec 2007

I think I understand what Proclaimer is asking.

They want the articles from the magazine without the news & reviews - or am I wrong.

I think one of the other tech publishers (Future?) does something like this - they have quarterly publications on Vista, Office, Linux etc which have in-depth articles and tips & tricks on their particular topic.

  Proclaimer 08:58 13 Dec 2007

I mean an additional magazine every quarter is published with the high-lites from the previous three months condensed into one magazine.

Strip the photos or make them smaller. Keep the adverts, ditch the letters and help section, no cover disc perhaps or just downloads of some of the software available online. Maybe 2 DVD's to cram all the software from the quarter in.

  jack 10:40 13 Dec 2007

The entire mag comes out on the DVD a years worth at time.
I subscribe, read it pass it on- it eventually winds up in the local surgery mag pile.
Here I notice they do not survive very long - whilst dogeared piles of Women's mags week end supplements even the odd Reader Digest- dated months/years back - PCA simply disappears after the month on the spine has past - must be one of the staff snitches them.

  pj123 16:54 13 Dec 2007

I subscribe to the PCA DVD edition. It costs me £39.99 a year. That works out at £3.33 per issue, which includes postage and it comes through my letterbox every month without fail. I don't have to go to the shop to get it.

I don't think that's expensive.

  €dstowe 18:49 13 Dec 2007

I get papers and magazines, both private and for the reception area at my studio, from my local small newsagent. He provides a very good service to our local village community and I try my best to encourage his business.

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