I would like to start a NEW Movement

  wee eddie 15:47 17 Feb 2019

"Clutter turns a House into a Home"

  Cymro. 11:38 18 Feb 2019

My wife and I have just mover house from a three bedroom family house to a two bedroom sheltered accommodation flat. We lived in the house for over 44 years so as you can imagine a lot of clutter built up over all those years. As with many things in life clutter only becomes a problem when you try to do something about it. All in all our move went very well but the local charity shops will not need any more donations for a while.

  KEITH 1955 11:47 18 Feb 2019

My wife used to be a horder but I started throwing things out without telling her. I am not overly tidy but wife annoys me for just not putting stuff back in the drawers she gets things out of , I once went to the pub and at one point I burst out laughing and told my pals my wife wont be able to get in bed yet as I have secretly filled it with all the things she wont put away , she was not happy.

A friend of mine is so house proud that every room looks like a magazine photo , its not normal because you feel uncomfortable if you sit down and crease a cushion.

  Forum Editor 15:30 19 Feb 2019

'A tidy desk is the sign of a sick mind'.

The real saying is 'Tidy desk, tidy mind'.

Some time ago, an article in the Journal of Neuroscience reported on research which revealed that when people are in a cluttered environment they find it increasingly difficult to focus. It leads to a fall-off in productivity if you're working, and you are more likely to make mistakes. There's a reason why the Rolls Royce aero engine assembly areas in their new facility in Germany are like operating theatres - special lighting, spotless floors and not a sign of any unnecessary clutter.

In my case, real clutter in the home creates a sense of tension, and I become irritated by it.

  Old Deuteronomy 15:45 19 Feb 2019

In my case, real clutter in the home creates a sense of tension, and I become irritated by it.

My wife hates clutter. I'm better than I used to be but, still don't really do tidy.

  HondaMan 18:10 19 Feb 2019

My wife is always complaining about the state of my study, despite the fact that I can nearly always find what I want. However, on the odd timers when she "tidies" it things are lost, sometimes for weeks. My point is, it's MY mess and perhaps subconsciously I know where things are because I put them there. When she interferes I lose track of where things are

  Aitchbee 18:33 19 Feb 2019

I'm ruthless with decluttering. I have regular clear outs and often find that when I think I've got something, I've cleared it out a couple of months earlier...

Quickbeam, that's what's known as throwing the baby out with the bathwater!

... a beginners mistake ;o]

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