This I would not watch

  Noldi 06:15 06 May 2010

I would not be interested in watching anything that tries to make terrorism is comical. Who put the money up for this film to be made???

click here


  Bald Eagle 08:06 06 May 2010

They made WWII funny! Dad's Army, 'Allo 'Allo etc!

  wee eddie 08:13 06 May 2010

of any kind will be reminded of it by any reference to a similar tragedy.

Taking Noldi's thought to it's logical conclusion.

Should one ban the mention of Cars because someone has lost a friend in a Car crash?

The answer is of course, no, it would be ludicrous to do so.

No one is forced to watch this movie and, in my opinion, the best way to counter terrorism is to make fun of it.

I doubt there would be as many volunteers, if every time you mention that you plan to become a Suicide Bomber, everyone bursts into shrieks of laughter, slapping each other on the shoulder and saying "Remember that movie ~ crazy man"

  interzone55 08:35 06 May 2010

It should be pointed out that this film has been made by Chris Morris, not a man known for shying away from controversial targets.

His satirical programs about paedophilia and drug abuse are classics, but not for people without a dark sense of humour, and equally important, a sense of perspective, something lacking in most tabloid press and readers...

click here_(satirist)

  michaelw 08:53 06 May 2010

Throughout history mankind has made fun out of the unpalatable. It's how people cope with tragedy.

The Iranian comedian and actor Omid Djalili has made a living out of turning terrorism into jokes.

It's not my type of film but I don't condemn it.

  Al94 11:22 06 May 2010

Here in Northern Ireland we have had more than our fair share of terrorist incidents over the past decades.

Local comedy shows have made fun of the terrorists of both sides, the one rule has been not to relate this to any specific events, keeping in more in general terms.

I believe this has successfully helped to lighten the mood, help people to cope and to move on.

  WhiteTruckMan 11:38 06 May 2010

I have one question. Is there any subject matter at all you are not personally involved with that you find unacceptable for a comedic touch?


  Joseph Kerr 12:18 06 May 2010

fourm member i absolutely agree.

WhiteTruckMan. theres no subject off limits for me as such, it depends on how theyre handled.

  interzone55 12:56 06 May 2010

Ever heard of "gallows humour"

comedy and satire have been used to lighten dark subjects for centuries.

Personally the only things on TV I find are programs like Jeremy Kyle that exploit the masses to make housewives feel good about themselves...

  Colin 13:12 06 May 2010

Al04's comment "Local comedy shows have made fun of the terrorists of both sides, the one rule has been not to relate this to any specific events, keeping in more in general terms.", hits the nail on the head. By all means have humour, but don't make it about a specific incident.

  Pineman100 17:41 06 May 2010

However much any individual may disapprove of a particular topic of discussion/humour/debate...etc., freedom of speech is a treasure that we should never seek to suppress.

If you don't like this film, just thank your lucky stars that you have the right to say so.

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