I wonder what this would have cost down south?

  Brumas 18:02 04 Nov 2018

A chunk of render, the size of a glasses case, fell from the top of the bathroom window just outside the front door of our bungalow. The double glazed door, at least 18 years old, became increasingly difficult to lock so I called on a pal of ours, a local lad, who works for a local double glazing firm in Berwick, who fitted our conservatory to sort me out.

He was here 45 minutes, applied fresh render to the exterior window and sorted the door, which had dropped and he fitted a new lock barrel - total cost £25, I had to force him to accept £35!!

Am I fortunate or what? That, among a myriad of other reasons, is why we live in a small village in North Northumberland.

  Aitchbee 20:21 04 Nov 2018

I [ and my 7 neighbours] have been waiting for about ten years for a repair to be done on the loose rendering on the outside of the building where I live. It's a block of flats on the southside of Glasgow.

The local housing association have known about it but are seemingly not interested in doing anything about it as they are waiting till the 20 years guarentee runs out - they're not daft are they?

Anyway, a chap came out one morning recently, puts his high ladder up and removed some of the flaky bits and a week later I get an automated letter sent out for me to comment on how good was the repair?

You've got to laugh!

PS. I am not allowed to take the matter into my own hands so I'll just have to wait this one out.

End of rant, Brumas.

  bremner 20:46 04 Nov 2018

No you are not fortunate because you “live up north”

I too live in a small village way down south and we all help each other out in a similar way.

This stereotyping is as ridiculous as southerns thinking everyone up north owns a whippet.

  Brumas 21:42 04 Nov 2018

Aitchbee, if I were in your position I too would be ranting!!

  Brumas 21:47 04 Nov 2018

bremner, I was not trying to be elitist I was merely crowing about how lucky I am! No, that's not true I am guilty as charged! I have lived down south and, quite frankly I couldn't wait to get back over the Humber!

  bumpkin 23:29 04 Nov 2018

What makes you think us down South are any different. If it happened to me I would ask a mate to help who would probably want nothing or very little, the same as I would if he wanted something from me. I need my boiler servicing, asked a guy I know and he yes "mates rates to you".

If however you live in Central London you will probably be charged hundreds of pounds if anybody even wants to know.

  Flat Earther 03:48 05 Nov 2018

The black economy just got a bit more funding. I do hope he didn't copy the key or keep a spare.

Did the lock need replacing?

  oresome 08:39 05 Nov 2018

What's wrong with whippets?

  BT 09:19 05 Nov 2018

Before I moved away from London in 2005 the block of flats where I lived (62 Flats) had to be fully refurbished on the outside. This consisted of repairs to parts of the rendering, repairs to balcony railings, applying a coating to the balcony floors and painting the whole building. We were charged over £3000 per flat which I had to pay even though we were on the point of selling our flat.

On the subject of Double Glazed PVC doors I had a couple of problems last year with my Front door. The first was the rubber sealing gasket started to split away. I called the Company who supplied it and as it was just inside the 10 year warranty they came round the same day and replaced all the gaskets as well as stripping out and replacing all the sealant around the frame. Then a few weeks later I was having problems getting the door catch to engage and again the company came and adjusted the hinges etc for free even though the warranty had expired. This was a small local firm not one of the nationals.

  Brumas 09:26 05 Nov 2018

What started off as a "I'm chuffed about getting a good job done remarkably cheap" has now morphed into the" great north/south divide" this is not what I meant!

My observations relate to large cities i.e. London where the cost of living is prohibitive - I know as I briefly lived there before marrying my wife from Hackney!!

Save the North/South divide topic for another post!!

  Forum Editor 09:52 05 Nov 2018

The North of England has some of the most beautiful scenery and some of the most friendly people in the country.

So does the South, the Midlands, and everywhere else. People instinctively tend to feel affection for the areas in which they live, that's all.

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