I woder just how uptodate Google Earth really is?

  jack 09:48 05 Mar 2009

I have just taken a look at a particular place near me, to try to I/D a road.
The image is a building site, with half completed road works, no housing on what was a hospital site
The image says Copyright 2009.
Yet the place has been complete at least 6 or more years

  babybell 10:27 05 Mar 2009

If it said Copyright 2003 then that would mean anyone could use that image as it was no longer under copyright. A copyright date does not have to be when the picture was taken.

Looking on Google Earth, my old car is on my driveway and I got rid of that about 5 years ago so not everything is really up to date. Saying that, when your taking pictures of the entire world, it probably will take a while.

I've seen Google cars in England but as yet there are no street views for England yet.

  jack 10:32 05 Mar 2009

Re the copyright date.
So an image can be a 100 years old[so to speak] providing it has a recent date it is protected
Is that right?

  babybell 10:34 05 Mar 2009

I just noticed that in the bottom left of the screen it does tell you when the image was taken. The picture of my car does say 2005 which would be correct

  interzone55 10:40 05 Mar 2009

The not quite finished building in this photo is the 2002 Commonwealth Games stadium in Manchester...

click here

  jack 10:44 05 Mar 2009

Sorry Google
[IMG]click here[/IMG]

  oldbeefer2 11:00 05 Mar 2009

Would be interesting to know when they are going to update the UK imagerynow now it's 4+ yrs old.

  Simsy 11:22 05 Mar 2009

That if you pay for the deluxe version, (or whatever the paid for upgrade is called!), you get more up to date pictures.

As usual, I'm open to correction!



  interzone55 11:36 05 Mar 2009

The Pro & Enterprise versions just give you access to additional data - like populations densities, footfall along streets etc.

The imaging is the same.

If you think about the complexity of Google Maps / Earth, it's no wonder the images are old.

The street level photos are aerial shots taken from aircraft that have to fly over the whole country in strips - anyone want to fund a new fly-past?

  sunnystaines 12:07 05 Mar 2009

there is also the free microsoft earth some times more upto date and better other times not so.

i use both.

  Chegs ®™ 14:30 05 Mar 2009

I have looked around on both google earth & NASA Whirlwind and seen that my garden still shows my old Mini & my boat both of which were removed 6yrs ago.As I'm in a rural area I decided it was possibly this that meant the images were so old,so I looked up my mothers home in spain.The images of my mothers are also around 6yrs old,but only on her side of the street.The image shows her previous car on her drive but the building site opposite her home shows the completed houses (under 2yrs since completed) with the tower crane still present(now gone)All in all,very confusing imagery. :)

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