I went to a Charity Show last night

  wee eddie 06:51 10 May 2019

As well as the Show, dinner and booze were included. The dinner would have been acceptable in any decent restaurant and there was Pimms before and half decent wine with the meal.

However, us non drinkers, got the choice of Orange Squash or tap water.

Has anyone any suggestions for a simple, but more luxurious, non alcoholic drink. For the next time we do it.

  Aitchbee 07:20 10 May 2019

Aldi are currently selling some very respectable low-calorie sparkling sodas. I particularly enjoy their Vive brand Limone E Menta Italian Style Soda 1 litre bottle for 32 pence. Don't dilly dally cos the prices will soon rocket.

click here

  HondaMan 07:29 10 May 2019

There are plenty of non-alcoholic beers and wines about.

  Quickbeam 07:56 10 May 2019

Sparkling water is always my first choice if I'm not drinking, I can't do with any kind of a sweet drink with a meal.

  john bunyan 11:52 10 May 2019

Plenty to choose from here. Went to a wedding recently where no 2 on list was available.

BBC Non alcohol cocktails

  Menzie 12:52 10 May 2019

There are plenty of premium non-alcoholic drinks.

Off the top of my head there could have been:

Grape Juice (essentially non-alcoholic wine)

Non-alcoholic cocktails

Coconut Water

Flavoured Water (Marks and Spencer does a fantastic variety).

The latter two would be best in cases where sugar content is an issue.

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