I wanted to share this with you all

  Al94 19:06 21 Dec 2016

More of a lurker than an active member these days but wanted to share with you this video made at our local special needs school in Donaghadee, Northern Ireland. Killard School Choir I was blown away by it - Happy Christmas to you all.

  bumpkin 20:19 21 Dec 2016

Glad you did. As soon as anyone starts singing hallelujah my immediate reaction is to turn if off but this was excellent for a school production. The young girl singing I believe has Autism and this just goes to show that we should never underestimate people.

  oresome 20:35 21 Dec 2016

Thank you A194. It was most impressive. I'll bet her parents are rightly very proud.

  Forum Editor 22:48 21 Dec 2016

"I'll bet her parents are rightly very proud."

Yes, and so they should be. She was featured on the late night news on BBC tonight.

Thanks Al94 - it was good to see your familiar username again.

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