I Want this guys job!

  User-BCC5F55D-156B-4ED3-8496E27770982222 14:18 16 May 2006

Was reading an artical in the register about Quark's rebranding

and the mess up they they have had with choosing a logo that is the same as the Scottish Arts Council. But the thing that jumped out the most at me is that there is a guy whos whole job is to select colours for your company branding.. now I know these roles excist and I have dealt with some of them in the past but it tends to be i want something that says this about us and the person turns around and gives you a selection of colours as each colour invokes different thoughts and feelings but the guy quoted in the registar goes on and on almost as much as me he implies he worked with the colour for months, whats he mean he took it to the park and pushed it on the swings to make it happier, gave it the odd weekend away in a spa to make it more symbolise rejuvenation, lent it to a midwife for a month so it could learn about rebirth????

this guys got the best job in the world its blue to you and me but to him it will be Blue 482 and of the shade catagory light with 200% lumninisity and for all this he will charge you thousands and thousands of pounds and you will beleive him when he tells you that its a calming blue that envokes a sprit of adventure and sybolises the alpha male in all of us.

You will believe him for the simple reason that you have just blown a quarter of your anunal advertising budget on a colour that you could have got out of paint shop pro or your 2 years olds colouring book you will agree with him cauyse you now have to go back to your director and explain why for 3 months some person has been playing with your company branding and all he has come back with is a colour and said it should be this colour and you are now flying on a wing and a pray hoping hes right its a new religon you believe what he says hes written a couple of books and has some degrees he must be right, no doubt he has long hair and a dresses bohemium to increase the look that hes all arty.

So I have decided I WANT HIS JOB how much fun would it be, a government comes to you what colour should we make the rebranding of our parties logo? you think Pink but you tell them its Light Red 735 showing the power and forcefullness of deep red but with the hint of a caring side to show you think about the people... and so the new labour party is born all dressed in baby pink !!

as always best regards to all


  DieSse 14:28 16 May 2006

It isn't a new issue either.

Many moons ago when ICL redid their image, the consultant they used chose a shade of orange for system colours that he admitted to me he made up himself.

Consequently there had to be paint specially made for them - and when we as suppliers from Canada were asked to paint our systems to match, we had to get paint shipped from the Uk specially - as there was no standard colour reference for it. And as it was specially made it cost an arm and a leg and was always running out at critical times.

What a joke! I agree with the basic sentiments you express.

  SG Atlantis® 14:29 16 May 2006


  iambeavis 14:54 16 May 2006

And PANTONE 368 is now known as "Quark Green". Does that need I need to re-organise my Photoshop colour palette.

  €dstowe 16:47 16 May 2006

My business is in that industry and you just wouldn't believe the absolute testicules (or a related term) is uttered by these people.

The problem is that the clients fall for it and pay out the thousands/millions of £, €, $ or whatever in complete gratitude.

I recall that the ICI logo was redesigned at a huge cost. The new one had a three peak wave pattern in it instead of the old five peaks. A fragrance company had an outline flower and a chemistry flask as their logo. Their design consultant placed the flower inside the flask. Cost? six figures and the leading figure wasn't 1, 2 or even 3.

  anchor 10:21 17 May 2006

The university where I do some part time work recently changed its logo. I dread to think what this cost; it must have been enormous.

Currently there is a national dispute with the lecturers over pay. The authorities are offering a small increase over 3 years, as they do not have any more money; this has been rejected by staff. This has resulted in something of a crisis, as staff are refusing to submit the results of the upcoming semester exams.

  martjc 11:46 17 May 2006

...some so called intelligent people are. An iota of common sense should tell them to say P off and use the colour anyway! There's no copyright on the wavelengths of light, is there?

  dmc727 17:31 17 May 2006

“There's no copyright on the wavelengths of light, is there?” Probably not but maybe in the order they are assembled. Just like letters of the alphabet.

Just wondered though what you would put on your CV to get the job!!

well "not colour blind" would be a good start i would have though.

I feel sorry for his wife I mean he goes home and talks about his day at work .... so do you recon hes single lol

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