I want to change my mobile phone provider

  [DELETED] 10:10 17 Apr 2006

After some looking around have decided to go with tescos pay as you go service. All our phones are PAYG and seem to be quite dear to run as they are on oder tariffs. (and no, we dont want to go on contracts, for personal reasons)

Thing is, we want to keep our existing numbers. according to the tesco website all we need is a Port Authorisation Code number that you can get from your network provider and an expiry date for this number. Do networks provide these numbers willingly, and do they charge for these things? (we currently have Orange, O2 and T-mobile.

Secondly, we will need to get some handsets unlocked. I have seen various market stalls offering this service for 5-10 pounds. Is it justa case of entering an unlock code on the keypad, perhaps based on the IMEI number of the handset, or does there have to be some physical link established, with a data cable. and lastly, are there any security implications to having a stranger on a stall have access to your phone (apart from maybe copying your address book)?



  spuds 12:10 17 Apr 2006

The easiest method is to change the sim card (tesco £5.00), but wanting to retain the original number is going to make things slightly harder. Depending on the mobile, there are free unlocking facilities available via the internet.

If the market stall holders are 'regulars', then I would think they would be safe. Many 'independent' mobile shops offer this service, and perhaps could provide a transfer deal for you.

We use O2 (Cellnet) and Vodafone, and the PAYG rates seem very compatible to each other.

  [DELETED] 16:46 17 Apr 2006

I know you've said you've chosen tesco. But if any of you are texters then o2 online PAYG is the best... 300 free message or 100 free minutes or 75 free mms per month as long as you top up every month.

These unlocking stalls/shops are safe enough. If you get it unlocked this way it invalidates any warranties on the phones.

Your best bet is to phone the service providers for info. You may be charged for porting the number and unlocking, if the phones are of a certain age the network may unlock the phone for you free.

  [DELETED] 17:02 17 Apr 2006

but from home we use

click here

as a free service to contact anyone. mainly we use them for talking to people (not playing games, taking pictures, listning to mp3s or whatever someone with too much time on their hands has thought up)

The orange one is on its last legs so will be replaced. just want to keep the number.

the O2 one will work with a tesco simcard as I have already tried it. will be keeping the number and doing the swap as soon as credit runs out, as you cant carry it over. this is far too expensive to run. its @ 35p/min for first 3 minutes in a 24 hour period, then goes down to @ 10p. so I have to spend £1/day to get a 'cheaper'rate. cant get sense out of O2 customer service so I am voting with my feet.

We have a pair of sony ericssons t230's on t-mobile that are proving difficult. at the moment as far as reasearch tells me you need a cable to unlock them, but t-mobile want £15 and they will send instructions within 28 days telling me what to do. yeah, right!


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