I thought they were talking about Africa

  carver 19:39 30 Mar 2013

Honestly I saw this enter link description here and at first it didn't sink in that they were talking about darkest Kent.

If it is true then this country is in a very bad state of affairs.

  Terry Brown 20:21 30 Mar 2013

Unfortunately the criminal does not respect country's or respect other peoples rights, all they see is a way to make some money, and they don't care who or what gets hurt.

Why did I think of politicians when I wrote that?


  fourm member 21:49 30 Mar 2013

I see the story says 'it's impossible to judge what the threat is'.

Still, it is important to let people know about it, especially at the start of a holiday weekend when people will be wondering where to go for a day out.

  wiz-king 08:13 31 Mar 2013
  fourm member 09:14 31 Mar 2013

Meanwhile, the fight against real poachers claims five lives.

  Quickbeam 09:20 31 Mar 2013

"Their horns are sold in Asia, where some believe they have medicinal purposes, although there is no evidence to support it."

You'd think that wealthy Asians would have the brains to buy the best western medical cures rather than believe in witch doctor remedies in the 21st century.

  fourm member 10:11 31 Mar 2013


That's an interesting comment to make today of all days.

  spuds 10:32 31 Mar 2013

At least here in a UK or possibly any other enclosed wildlife park, the chance of survival would be far higher, than out in the bush in Africa or other 'supposedly protected' free ranging wildlife area.

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