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I think that IL/TP is past its Sell by Date!

  Brumas 21:51 07 Jun 2018

I am seriously thinking of ending my weekly IL/TP - I think it has run its course! In its heyday it attracted double figures of contributors but now only a handful of stalwarts contribute.

I used to enjoy reading the anecdotes associated with the often convoluted means that the correct answers were arrived at. In fact the journey was often better than the destination.

Nowadays it is all a bit too clinical, probably my fault - I don’t know but it is not as enjoyable to me and probably not as stimulating to you lot either!

At the present we are up to IL/TP 1996 so I think stopping at IL/TP 2018 would be appropriate. I shall miss it and I am sure Fran will miss her Friday Night’s quietude in the lounge but, hey ho I’ll go before I’m shoved ;o}

Feel free to comment.

  wee eddie 10:03 12 Jun 2018

Brumas: I have enjoyed the challenges in the past.

I do not think that you really need to spend the evening checking out what has been recognised. It should be up to us to decide, where a picture is, provide evidence and have it verified by others.

You are "The Master of the Cards" and may bask in our admiration

  Brumas 10:25 12 Jun 2018

wee eddie, I quite agree, your cheque is the post ;o}}

  Brumas 10:27 12 Jun 2018

Belatucadrus, . That is never a bog-standard mobility scooter, is it? Priceless ;o}

  morddwyd 11:21 12 Jun 2018

I have always thought three wheelers unstable and that door does not convince me otherwise!

  bumpkin 15:01 12 Jun 2018

The prototype Portaloo?

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