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I think that IL/TP is past its Sell by Date!

  Brumas 21:51 07 Jun 2018

I am seriously thinking of ending my weekly IL/TP - I think it has run its course! In its heyday it attracted double figures of contributors but now only a handful of stalwarts contribute.

I used to enjoy reading the anecdotes associated with the often convoluted means that the correct answers were arrived at. In fact the journey was often better than the destination.

Nowadays it is all a bit too clinical, probably my fault - I don’t know but it is not as enjoyable to me and probably not as stimulating to you lot either!

At the present we are up to IL/TP 1996 so I think stopping at IL/TP 2018 would be appropriate. I shall miss it and I am sure Fran will miss her Friday Night’s quietude in the lounge but, hey ho I’ll go before I’m shoved ;o}

Feel free to comment.

  Quickbeam 22:34 07 Jun 2018

I must admit that I don't often check in as I did a few years ago...

I've only ever gotten 3 right anyway!

  Govan1x 23:22 07 Jun 2018

Have to admit it is not the same, And postcards are a little more harder to find than they used to be.

You google for photos of lets say Churches with clocks in a certain area and you get photos from all round the world.

So I would say the searches are twice as difficult nowadays.

Plus eyesight is not as good as it used to be.

Maybe i am just making excuses because I have grown older and probably not wiser.

Need more of the younger generation to take an interest in it.

I look at some of the postcards and know that it does not matter how much i try to find it i would have no luck so go and do something else.

Some of the postcards would never be found without getting the odd hints.And some that you would think would be found quick can now take ages to find.

So I am just going to blame Google as it is not as good as it used to be. And neither am I.

I always have a look on friday nights but just don't have the willpower that I used to have.

But i know one thing. Friday nights will not be the same without it.

I have already worked out what to do if you decide to Stop doing it Brumas. First thing will be not to tell the other half that it is no longer on on a Friday night as it is the only night that i can that little bit of peace and quiet to myself.

Any other night I make a move she will say where are you going.

Friday night not a dickie bird.I can do as i please.

Might just have a couple of Brandy's and play some old music instead.

  john bunyan 09:26 08 Jun 2018

Due to a few coincidences my recent Friday evenings have clashed with my internet use, and I can rarely work intensely on the interesting puzzles. However I would really miss them and hope that a break could be avoided or, if there is one , that they could continue even if less often. You, and Fran have given many hours of pleasure and challenge, and a loss of your input would be a blow to the forum - which is in need of boosts such as yours. Thanks so much , whatever you decide!

  morddwyd 12:20 08 Jun 2018

You will be aware that I gave up some time ago.

For me you hit the nail on the head, Brumas, when you said it had become too clinical.

The first one was, I seem to remember, a genuine unidentified postcard which you asked if anyone could identify.

I was convinced it was Fife and carried a copy in the car for many years!

After that it became a bit of fun, with many anecdotes and reminiscences,not all entirely relevant! My best effort was the Straw Market in Kingston, Jamaica, which I recognised very quickly. I remember that you thought it would tun a while! My reminiscences on that occasion would not have been suitable for a public forum!

It then gradually became more serious, more of a competition than a bit of fun.

I enjoyed it while I enjoyed it, old friend, and I thank you for that, but any decision on its future must be yours and the current participants,

  Brumas 12:57 08 Jun 2018

I have read all the comments and have decided to do away with IL/TP in its current 'clinical orienteering compass reading' format and revert back to why I set it up in the first place.

The only reason I started to use identified postcards was that I seemed to exhaust Fran's supply of genuine unidentified ones. Well, that was quite a while ago and she seems to have accumulated quite a few more, 80 to be exact (and ongoing) so from now on I shall post only 2 on a Friday night and see how it goes from there on.

What say you?

  Brumas 13:07 08 Jun 2018

Now, of course, this means one can use any means available, so if Google Image Search comes up trumps, all the merrier ;o))

  john bunyan 14:02 08 Jun 2018

Good news and a sensible compromise; one can then try one’s luck after Friday if not found by then. Do add others from time to time!

  morddwyd 14:40 08 Jun 2018

Like JB, excellent news and I shall certainly look in again. As long as you don't post any of The Street Called Strait or similar my comments soul be fit to publish!

  Brumas 15:00 08 Jun 2018

morddwyd, I was looking for a postcard of you as a young crab but then i realised they didn't have cameras that long ago ;o}}

  Brumas 15:02 08 Jun 2018

I have been looking at the pile of postcards and have been trying to group similar ones together so I shall probably post 2 or 3 on Friday.

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