I think I'll stick with Spam

  iambeavis 18:35 17 Jan 2010

At £257.14 a kilo it must make one heck of a sandwich! click here

  Quickbeam 00:38 18 Jan 2010

How much is the vegie version?

  Chegs ®™ 07:10 18 Jan 2010

This ham might have an "melt-in-the-mouth texture" but as a smoker,I wouldn't be able to distinguish it from a packet of processed rubbish costing 50p.So I to will continue to chomp on spam until I finally succeed in quitting smoking. :)

  Hercule Marple 09:52 18 Jan 2010


I like me SPAM Lite, but it's £1.88 a tin in Morrisons and Asda atm. Getting very expensive imo.

  iambeavis 11:51 18 Jan 2010

It would be a terrible thing if you made a sandwich with it and, whilst you were in the cupboard getting the Maille Moutarde de Dijon,the dog ate it.

  OTT_B 12:35 18 Jan 2010

I stopped eating pork products about 6 years ago. I did have some bacon about 3 years ago - it just tasted like salt. Thing i'll steer clear of this and go for some kobe beef instead. Yumm!

  Graham. 23:52 18 Jan 2010

Kobe beef eh? 'The cattle are fed a beer a day, and they are massaged with sake daily' from Wikipedia.

  Forum Editor 23:58 18 Jan 2010

but when you think about the amount of care taken from breeding right through to the curing, it is actually amazing value."

I don't personally think that £1800 for a leg of ham is actually amazing value, I think it's an outrageous price for meat that comes from a pig that was allowed to roam over fields eating acorns and roots.

Acorns and roots don't strike me as particularly expensive pig food - the people who buy this ham must be those things beginning with 'F' who are easily parted from their money.

  OTT_B 00:47 19 Jan 2010

That's the one. I've never heard of sake massages? There's a few places in the UK that sell it, but orders tend to have to be placed months in advance. It does cost a penny or two as well! Tastes good though :)

  Quickbeam 04:52 19 Jan 2010

I'll be the one to post the obvious link then... click here

Now available with the permission of Monty Python:)

  Quickbeam 04:53 19 Jan 2010


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