I Think I'e Become a Racist

  morddwyd 08:19 08 Sep 2016

Fairly unpleasant story in the paper this morning, which I started to read as I normally would, but the people involved had names that were apparently Eastern European and I immediately lost interest skipped the rest of the story.

On reflection I realised that it is now quite normal for me to ignore any news stories with Islamic or obviously foreign connotations.

I have actually sleepwalked into racist behaviour.

  Forum Editor 16:43 13 Sep 2016

Lacking any interest in news stories involving people with foreign names Doesn't make you a racist.

Insular, yes, racist, no.

In time you will become less and less informed, but you may be fine with that.

  morddwyd 20:53 13 Sep 2016

Take point FE, but I'm not sure you're right.

I'm perfectly happy to read stories which I know are about, for instance, Americans and Australians resident in the UK, just as I am happy to read stories from Lithuania or Roumania.

It is the doings of certain nationalities and religions in this country that has begun to trigger automatic rejection.

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