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I Think I'e Become a Racist

  morddwyd 08:19 08 Sep 2016

Fairly unpleasant story in the paper this morning, which I started to read as I normally would, but the people involved had names that were apparently Eastern European and I immediately lost interest skipped the rest of the story.

On reflection I realised that it is now quite normal for me to ignore any news stories with Islamic or obviously foreign connotations.

I have actually sleepwalked into racist behaviour.

  canarieslover 08:45 08 Sep 2016

Not so much racist, just bored with the media coverage that seems to think that only the stories with those groups in them are going to increase the sales of their rags. Yes there are some important news items about these groups but they are often outnumbered by stories that would be minor ones if committed by UK nationals.

  Bazzaman 09:28 08 Sep 2016

"I immediately lost interest skipped the rest of the story"

I do that for a number of reasons, including:-

  • Any story that purports to be news that is, in actuality, just telling me that a report is due to be published (on subject or other) at some point in the future.

  • Any story that provides completely irrelevant "background", such as "joe bloggs who was mugged last night lives in a £500,000 house". What the &Y%^& hell has the value of his house got to do with it.

  • Anything with the word celebrity in it or in any way involving so called celebrities (such as Strictly Come Prancing, Dead-Brain-Factor and so on).

  • Anything where the journalist is completely innumerate (which is probably 99% of them) and they cannot see that the numbers quoted in the article just don't make sense.

Of course I gravitate to any article about grumpy old gits.

  Quickbeam 10:43 08 Sep 2016

Does that mean that morddyd can be officially reclassified as a grumpy old git...?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 12:45 08 Sep 2016

deja vu?

Haven't you post a thread like this recently?

  Pine Man 12:55 08 Sep 2016

There is no legislation yet governing what you think but just give them a bit of time;-)

  morddwyd 19:25 08 Sep 2016

"Haven't you post a thread like this recently?"

Oh dear! Have I?

If so my apologies!

  Quickbeam 07:43 09 Sep 2016

I can remember when tinned toms was the lightweight humour in quite a heavyweight forum.

Now it would rank as an in depth dietary thread...

  Bubbysoo 08:11 09 Sep 2016

Unfortunately today most articles aren't unbiased. news. They're opinion pieces

  Portal11 00:01 13 Sep 2016

I think the country has changed in SO many ways over the last 5 years maybe even 10 that there is NO going back and it worries me for the future....i do have one Ace up my sleeve in that i can move abroad and my wife and son would glady follow with no if it starts getting bad here as in Civil unrest "I'm Off" sad it is that we have had governments and you could say the media who had been biased towards certain elements..... i always thought Journalism was diplomatic and wrong i was...

  morddwyd 08:14 13 Sep 2016

"you could say the media who had been biased towards certain elements..... "

The thread is about me being biased, not the media.

These are simple crime stories, normally just reported facts, albeit, in some cases, selected facts.

I am being racist, and perhaps even sectarian, in turning away from stories that are apparently not about WASPs

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