I think I know what makes these forums so good :-)

  Sapins 11:10 08 Sep 2004

I've been trying to set out the reasons so many people have registered with PCA and use these forums. I am sure most members know the reasons already, but, as my soapbox is handy I will continue.

I'll start with the standard set by the Forum Editor and the team, it's so refreshing to see that bad language, poor manners, prejudices and personal attacks, etc; will not be tolerated, and deviations/inappropriate comments are dealt with swiftly and straightforwardly, ( I've had a thread or comment or two pulled/curtailed and I can now accept that and move on with no problem at all.

The amount of time and effort freely given by members to help people who are having problems is just awesome, and I don't usually use that word!.

If you haven't already looked at this thread, click here do so now and see how members help each other in a pleasant manner and do not mind sharing their threads with others, including me, who go off at a slight tangent sometimes, you can literally "feel" the good atmosphere in this thread, well, I can!

Age and/or experience does not matter one jot, which is just as well for us Silver Surfers ;-).

Somehow I always feel at home using this site, how does it give you that feeling when we are dealing with people we have not even met? and like so many others I am totally addicted.

The vast majority of threads/posts are dealing with "good" news as opposed to all the bad things we see reported, not so good when you post a problem but that soon turns to good when you receive help.

I wish I could bottle the recipe, I've already retired, but, the fortune would still come in handy. LOL

Regards to everyone,


P.S. I wake up in the morning and if I can't feel wooden sides I get up and log on ;-)

  Old Shep 11:28 08 Sep 2004

Like you I have had my moments with the good old/young FE and had things pulled. They say you are never too old to learn and in my case (retired) I have done exactly that and moved on. Like so many others I enjoy this site and would be lost without it. Sometimes you type things which tend to come out the wrong way and offend people which I have done and then offered an apology. I have nothing but admiration of the running of this site and have questioned before does the FE ever sleep - he always seems to be there nobody gets away with anything untoward. As for the other good people on this forum (the members)you are the best.

  Sapins 11:39 08 Sep 2004

Steady on, I've just gone as red as a cooked French steak LOL

You are right though about the FE, I think he has a secret "keep me awake and do not let me miss a thing" potion with added mind reading built in.

  JYPX 13:00 08 Sep 2004

Sapins - I have hardly been here for 5 minutes but I feel "it" too - a kind of calming influence running through the forums. And I think the source of that is probably experience and wisdom.

  cga 13:05 08 Sep 2004

Well too many reasons to mention but there is one specialone for me - It's one of the few places to swap technology where I am not the oldest person around :-)

  Sapins 13:14 08 Sep 2004

Hmmmm!, how old is the FE I wonder?

  €dstowe 13:35 08 Sep 2004

I notice it is one of my threads you refer to in your click here.

The reason I posted that is because I truly hate the thought of people, anybody, going through the experience and feeling that they have lost everything on their computer.

I have been through it once and it isn't something I would like to repeat - even though what was lost wasn't all that important.

It doesn't cost anything to try and help like this and, being one for an easy life, will always try an assist others to achieve the same.

I should mention, though, that I did stop posting on here for a while, some time ago because of ridicule being directed to me via email about my backing up reminders. I relented after a time and promised myself that I would avoid that subject in the future. It turned out though, recently, that there has been a spate of threads from people without backups, hence my thread.


  Old Shep 14:14 08 Sep 2004

Having been in the situation where I have totally crashed without a backup I have learned my lesson. However your timely reminders are well justified so please do not let some people put you off, they are obviously the ones who shout help when it all goes pearshaped.Keep up the good advice.

Sapins sorry to rant on your thread.

  Sapins 15:07 08 Sep 2004

Hope you don't mind my quoting your thread, don't worry about people like that, maybe they will suffer a total failure sometime and realise they should have heeded your advice. I suppose one of the few drawbacks is not being able to sift out the natural moaners! It would be a real shame if they succeeded in causing someone whose help is appreciated to stop posting. Anyway I for one took your advice, that's why I bought DI7.

Never noticed a rant Old Shep.

  cga 15:25 08 Sep 2004

I agree with Sapins - dont let people put you off. I recognise you as one the more helpful members of this forum.

No, this forum is not totally devoid of impolite and, dare I say it, somtimes arrogant individuals - but they are the minority.

I too was put off by someone early on but I realised that, if I want help, then it is only fair for me to give back as well. As a result I rejoined.

The majority are friendly, helpful and I think that the advice given is mostly appreciated.

  Brian-336451 15:31 08 Sep 2004

Come on, tell the truth, you just want to admit being a plonker before everyone tells you!!!

There are two kinds of people:

those who've lost all their data


those who are going to

Sadly I'm the former and I think I won't lose much if I crash and burn next time. I'm now paranoid.

As for this forum, it's only a geriatrics' knitting circle with computers!! Go on admit it.

Good though isn't it? I must admit, I too would be lost without it. You can learn SO much without people trying to prove how clever THEY are - it's actually all the positive ingredients of a co-operative.

Thanks in part to FE who admits to faking his piccy in his column in PCA by choosing one when he was younger (I wish I knew where his baby pics were . . .) what an ego, I'd never do a thing like that (why do I have a bird's nest on the end of my nose?

Take care all out there, I've been really glad many a time AND sadly too, had several threads pulled (probably justifiably, because it's what's left that is so popular.

Well done all, well tea break's over, back on my head! :-)) (the double chin too).

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