I think I know what makes these forums so good :-)

  Sapins 11:10 08 Sep 2004

I've been trying to set out the reasons so many people have registered with PCA and use these forums. I am sure most members know the reasons already, but, as my soapbox is handy I will continue.

I'll start with the standard set by the Forum Editor and the team, it's so refreshing to see that bad language, poor manners, prejudices and personal attacks, etc; will not be tolerated, and deviations/inappropriate comments are dealt with swiftly and straightforwardly, ( I've had a thread or comment or two pulled/curtailed and I can now accept that and move on with no problem at all.

The amount of time and effort freely given by members to help people who are having problems is just awesome, and I don't usually use that word!.

If you haven't already looked at this thread, click here do so now and see how members help each other in a pleasant manner and do not mind sharing their threads with others, including me, who go off at a slight tangent sometimes, you can literally "feel" the good atmosphere in this thread, well, I can!

Age and/or experience does not matter one jot, which is just as well for us Silver Surfers ;-).

Somehow I always feel at home using this site, how does it give you that feeling when we are dealing with people we have not even met? and like so many others I am totally addicted.

The vast majority of threads/posts are dealing with "good" news as opposed to all the bad things we see reported, not so good when you post a problem but that soon turns to good when you receive help.

I wish I could bottle the recipe, I've already retired, but, the fortune would still come in handy. LOL

Regards to everyone,


P.S. I wake up in the morning and if I can't feel wooden sides I get up and log on ;-)

  Sapins 11:39 08 Sep 2004

Steady on, I've just gone as red as a cooked French steak LOL

You are right though about the FE, I think he has a secret "keep me awake and do not let me miss a thing" potion with added mind reading built in.

  JYPX 13:00 08 Sep 2004

Sapins - I have hardly been here for 5 minutes but I feel "it" too - a kind of calming influence running through the forums. And I think the source of that is probably experience and wisdom.

  Sapins 13:14 08 Sep 2004

Hmmmm!, how old is the FE I wonder?

  Sapins 15:07 08 Sep 2004

Hope you don't mind my quoting your thread, don't worry about people like that, maybe they will suffer a total failure sometime and realise they should have heeded your advice. I suppose one of the few drawbacks is not being able to sift out the natural moaners! It would be a real shame if they succeeded in causing someone whose help is appreciated to stop posting. Anyway I for one took your advice, that's why I bought DI7.

Never noticed a rant Old Shep.

  Forum Editor 15:54 08 Sep 2004

I didn't say how much younger.......in fact I still look like that on a darkish night by candlelight.

What's with this age thing anyway? Young,old or middling, we're all here for much the same reasons - we enjoy working/mucking about with computers. Nothing wrong with that, in fact some of my best friends are computers.

  Sapins 16:48 08 Sep 2004

"As for this forum, it's only a geriatrics' knitting circle with computers!!"

Now we know why you visit;-)

  PurplePenny 21:06 08 Sep 2004

Sapins:"Hmmmm!, how old is the FE I wonder?"

Methinks he is about the same age as me.

FE: Before you can confirm or deny that you need to know how old I am. If you don't already know you can work it out the same way that I did .... I carried my brother's amp and did the idiot dancing .....

Not THAT Brian May: "headcase mechanics" ...

"So tell me about your motherboard...."

  Forum Editor 22:28 08 Sep 2004

we're of an age, but it's our secret.

  kev.Ifty 22:39 08 Sep 2004

I have had to explain to my Wife, once again, why i am laughing at my PC.

"It's that Sapins he makes me larf"
[P.S. I wake up in the morning and if I can't feel wooden sides I get up and log on ;-)]

"Oh! right!" she says........

€dstowe... Next time someone sends ya a nasty E-mail let us know we'll send the boy's round.....;~}

I know it's has been said more than enough times that this forum is the best.

My opinion is ...that is because it is simple. There is no periphery B.S. like `The Words of Wisdom` That appear on every post an individual makes, or the extremely artistic picture they have kindly provided in other forums.

This Forum is easy to follow and a good job too!(for me)

anyway.... now for my `Words of Wisdom`

...Never be afraid to ask. No matter how daft you think you are there is always someone more...

Hang on that don't sound that wise...

Keep on posting

Cheers Kev

  Sapins 13:35 09 Sep 2004

Only people over 50 hide their age!!!

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