I think this is beyond all reason

  Cymro. 11:35 04 Nov 2018

BBC link

So why on earth would a man do this? Yes I know it is a free country and so he has a right to do as he wishes with his face. He obviously gets something out of it and uses his ill daughter as some sort of excuse. But surely this will bring him more problems than pleasure.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 12:18 04 Nov 2018

Seems like a mental health problem, but then again who is to say what is normal?

Tattoos seem to have become the norm recent years thanks to society following "Celebs" like sheep. As always some people will take it too far.

  Forum Editor 14:21 04 Nov 2018

This man is obviously an extreme case, but there are huge numbers of tattooed people around now.

I can't help thinking that there are going to be a lot of very embarrassed people on the beaches in decades to come, when they are in late middle age, and the current fad has long gone out of style.

The new fad amongst young men is beards, and some of them look very silly - a face full of hair doesn't suit everyone.

  MPN1A 18:39 04 Nov 2018

I once sat behind a man on a bus and could see that every bit of skin was tattooed, even his entire scalp and the back of his ears. Goodness knows what else was tattooed.

  Matt. 20:17 04 Nov 2018

I have an anchor tattooed on each forearm enjoy eating spinach and make my living as a sailor.

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