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I suppose this was inevitable

  Forum Editor 23:36 21 Mar 2020

but that makes it no less shocking. I struggle to understand what kind of loathsome mind comes up with schemes like this.

  Cymro. 08:44 22 Mar 2020

So Dell Boy is alive well and still trading then

  Forum Editor 10:06 22 Mar 2020


I think it's a bit more serious than that. Apart from offering a cure, this man had included dangerous chemicals. Purchasers were advised to rinse their mouths with the product.

It was the worst kind of fraud, and I hope the sentence is severe.

  wee eddie 10:13 22 Mar 2020

Echoes of Harry Lime and "The Third Man"

  Quickbeam 12:49 22 Mar 2020

Well that's a good enough cue for the trailer!

This time in 4k to show the stunning high contrast B&W cinematography directed by Carol Reed at it's best.

Third Man

  rickf 22:18 22 Mar 2020

Society is becoming sicker and sicker. Something is terribly wrong these days.

  rickf 22:20 22 Mar 2020

Hopefully this pandemic has made us realised how small and helpless we are and leads to a re calibration of our values.

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