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I support the health service.....but

  anskyber 16:43 15 Aug 2008

My mother is an acute patient. She has been admitted to hospital under blue lights 5 times in the last 2 years.

During the last visit the consultants advised against any further treatment with a machine which frankly has kept her alive on each of the last visits. Their explanation was rational and the family fully understood.

On Monday she was admitted again and after 18 hours in A and E she was eventually on the ward. My Dad had stressed all through the admission process the the previous case notes should be read and he explained why. Fine.

Except when he returned to the ward she was about to have the machine (a BiPap) applied. It was explained that the notes were not available yet (48 hours after admission) and the Doctor was therefore following normal procedures. Indeed they arrived on the ward after 4 days.

I think there is a serious systemic failure of the system when notes cannot be linked to patients and it could have meant a loss of life sooner than expected. Why I ask cannot the notes be scanned and made available to any ward in an instant, or is that far too radical and technologically advanced.

  anskyber 17:29 15 Aug 2008

Indeed, and that may happen. My greatest concern is the professional treatment of my mother.

When the consultant was asked about the issue this time around he confirmed that it was quite normal for there to be a significant delay like this which naturally leads to "on the hoof" or perhaps more fairly, standard treatment solutions being used until they know better.

  anskyber 17:36 15 Aug 2008

Yes, I read all sorts of mission statements from hospitals about the usual aspirational stuff on patient care.

My example and your experiences suggest to me there is a serious systemic administrative failure in some hospitals which could be life threatening.

I mentioned scanned notes and PC points on wards to get access but there are other solutions too. Patient data for acute patients and others could be held on small storage devices like usb flash memory and travel with the patient.

I am not naive enough to think that there are potential issues with data protection and the like but in view of the importance of such information for patient treatment, there has to be a better way than hand written notes in a battered file.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 17:43 15 Aug 2008

"there has to be a better way than hand written notes in a battered file."

Time we were all "chipped", a quick scan by the medic and all your info at hand immediately

and our medical info updated to the chip on each visit to the NHS.

  spuds 21:58 15 Aug 2008

Wasn't there talk about 'instant' on-line computerised records being made available at anytime, within the NHS, local doctors and other providers!.

Recently I have been involved with an whole ray of medical,auxiliary staff and some new methods, and truly I couldn't have asked for anything better.Even booking follow-up appointments have been simplicity in itself.

  anskyber 23:15 27 Aug 2008

Well, of course she died.....on Monday.

Admitted yet again to A and E and the usual process of (understandably) following the "best practise" for her condition.
My Dad pleaded with the staff to get the not treated without understanding the implications of the "best practise". Naturally they thought he might be trying to kill her......why else would he cry for no resuscitation because of her condition, why?

There has to be a better way.

  Brumas 23:18 27 Aug 2008

Please accept our condolences.

  Forum Editor 23:24 27 Aug 2008

This is obviously a distressing time, and in the circumstances I suggest that we discuss the matter no further.

  beeuuem 03:20 28 Aug 2008

I too add my deepest condolences.

  ened 06:40 28 Aug 2008

Hpw very distressing for you.

I send my condolences as well.

  anskyber 11:29 28 Aug 2008

"I suggest that we discuss the matter no further."

Yes, in a way I think I should apologise for starting this thread. I did so because I thought there were issues around how acute cases involving readmissions to hospital are treated.

I think, given my mothers experiences, there are real issues and ones which my family will deal with in the correct manner and outside of this environment. It will not help my mother but it just could one day help others who follow.

For the record the individual members of staff, nurses, doctors, paramedics and so on were exemplary in their performance and it gives me great heart and pride in our health service.

Thank you and the others for the kind words.

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