I should have said no

  De Marcus™ 15:14 05 Jun 2006

to my wife's plea for help. My wife works for a social enterprise centred around recycling sports equipment for use in the community, the opportunity has arisen for a fundraising manager and comes with a healthy payrise, problem is, she's not the only one applying for it, so I offered to help her with some idea's on tasks the interview panel will be discussing with her. Essentially I fell down at the first hurdle, this is what they requested.

"Bicycle tyres have been a problem from **** ****** as they are too small for most recycling projects. We currently pay 20 pence per tyre for disposal.

Could you please come to the interview with your thoughts/ideas on a more productive use, either reducing **** ******* costs for disposal, or better still attracting revenue.

Your idea needs to be substantiated through some preliminary research with a third party towards their agreement, in principal, as a working project"

This is something the panel will want to informally discuss, no lengthy presentations, etc.

Like I said, I fell at the first hurdle, I know nothing of rubber, it's value or where you could dispose of it, or be paid to have it taken off your hands.

Any ideas? Her interview is on Wednesday.

  Shortstop 15:23 05 Jun 2006

That's sneaky! Sounds to me like you make a proposal, do the legwork/negotiating and present at the meeting - they then follow through, get the savings but don't necessarily employ you!!

Personally, I would contact another recylcling centre [obviously not the one stated] from the yellow pages and be talking to them about about skip disposal, rather than per tyre. You could be looking at larger savings due to bulk and they might want to consider other types of recycling within the same contract/skip. Start with prices for a mini-skip on a monthly pick up/empty/replace contract, then ask for medium [doubt you would need much larger - although taking this as well may cover every option].

Good luck with her interview1



  De Marcus™ 15:28 05 Jun 2006

Skip hire, now there's a thought, thanks for that, on the phone now!

  bosmere 15:31 05 Jun 2006

Does this help? click here

  De Marcus™ 15:41 05 Jun 2006

It does, thanks bosmere, engaged tone for ages, I'll keep trying!

  DieSse 16:01 05 Jun 2006

Loads of hits on Google for ... recycling bicycle tyres ... this one particularly interesting click here - go down and you get to the belts from tyres bits.

  recap 16:15 05 Jun 2006

Quite a few hits under Rubber re-use it on Google:
click here There is also funding available for this type of project.

  wee eddie 16:35 05 Jun 2006

I doubt that they are worried about recycling Bicycle tyres.

I reckon that they are looking for the quality of the candidate's thinking on how to deal with this problem.

Incidentally, they have not told you how much they pay per Automobile tyre or, for that matter, tractor tyre.

  Shortstop 17:03 05 Jun 2006

Now making money from recycling the tyres would be the Absolute answer - but I have no ideas at all on that front!!

  De Marcus™ 17:24 05 Jun 2006

The company in question is a sports recycling social enterprise, i.e. they recycle sports equipment and are funded via many different sources.

  wee eddie 17:28 05 Jun 2006

a pot of paint and sell them as Hula Hoops!

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