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I shall be absent on leave from Friday

  Forum Editor 18:25 11 Dec 2019

until after Christmas (although I shall look in on the forums from time to time while I'm away), so now would be a good time for me to say my usual Christmas thanks to all of you for supporting us in 2019. We have been online now for twenty years, and I still haven't tired of our daily discussions.

I hope you all have a very Happy Christmas and a peaceful new year. I look forward to joining you as we put the world to rights in 2020, but in the meantime my usual thanks go to those of you who spot the spam for me all year long - I really appreciate your help.

Best wishes, and thank you again for supporting the best Tech site on the planet.

  john bunyan 23:09 15 Dec 2019


Well said. and so say all of us about the site. Merry Christmas to you, to FE , and all forum members

  Forum Editor 20:16 16 Dec 2019

"Here's hoping you'll be at the helm for plenty more years (providing you continue wanting to!)".

Thank you for that. I have no plans to call it a day - I intend to stick around as long as they'll have me.

  Aitchbee 17:20 20 Dec 2019

A Merry Christmas to FE and everybody who make Techadvisor what it is, ie, The Best Tech site in the Universe!

ps, I've been creating my very own novelty Advent Calender [browser bookmarks], made up of some of the very nice How-To's, that have been appearing lately on the RHS of screen ... keep 'em comin'. ;o)

I expect that many of our respected forum members will be busy [or at least mulling over] upgrading their W7 computers to W10 over the festive period like what I am ... or maybe not!

All The Best for 2020.

  Forum Editor 01:47 24 Dec 2019

Our forum first saw the light of day in December 1999. I can remember discussing digital photography back then, and saying that I didn’t believe it would ever replace film. We also talked about how to stop condensation forming on the inside of a PC’s case when it was kept in a shed, and whether we were likely to see many women signing on as forum members.

  Aitchbee 02:30 24 Dec 2019

FE, Tina Turner had a similar problem with Steamy Windows ...

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