I recently posted a puzzlement with my E-Client

  jack 09:04 25 Aug 2008

Because I had been messing with filters
most new mail[ mainly junk] now comes in and loads directly into the trash folder.
But hey what I good idea I am leaving it as it is!
I need only go through here to pick out the odd one or two to transfer elsewhere, and empty the folder straight away

So the new time saver - All mail direct to trash and pick out the juicy bits

  tullie 09:25 25 Aug 2008

So instead of going to inbox and deleating spam,you go to trash folder and send to inbox,what a great few seconds time saver.

  Forum Editor 09:29 25 Aug 2008

Far better to have efficient junk filters and send suspect mail into a junk folder. Then you can search for what you call juicy bits. I would never recommend your method to anyone. Lots of people (me included) set their mail clients to delete the contents of the trash folder on closing.

  jack 09:33 25 Aug 2008

Perhaps Peter, I should have ended the piece with a


Becuaw that is what was in my mind.

PS I am still figuring how to go back to normal.

  Forum Editor 09:50 25 Aug 2008

you can simply delete the rule you created?

  jack 20:15 25 Aug 2008

One would think so but it beat me everything stayed the same so then brute force is needed
Delete the program clean up and reinstall[Thunderbird]
It all came back as it was most mail going to Trash the odd one or two - including a test mail to myself going in the proper place [In Box]

  jack 19:36 26 Aug 2008

The current version- it has come up still delivering mail to the trash box
I dare say it will come right eventually
So ticking off

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