I realise we're in a recession but...

  Chegs ®™ 14:15 15 Mar 2010

Surely people can afford to buy door number(s) to affix to their property?

I am finding it extremely difficult to locate an address despite knowing the town very well.I regularly spend several minutes wandering up and down a street looking for door numbers,and find one door number on one side of the street but no others to indicate whether the numbering is increasing/decreasing by one or two to enable me to count the houses.My Boss does not always include a phone number on the delivery tickets so I cannot phone them to ask where they are.It is only takeaway foods I'm delivering and the only consequence of not being able to locate an address is their food is cold but how do Emergency Services cope? I often locate an address by looking for their wheelie-bin as these often have the door number painted on them in 8" high letters,even though none of the houses have any external signing(though one village hasn't been forced into using wheelie-bins as yet,and one street in the village has no numbers on any of the houses)I have moved house many many times over the years,and adding a door number to the house has been performed within weeks of my arrival(and sometimes before I've actually moved in)The more expensive the property,the less chance of it being numbered and one particular property developer stands out above all others as they never affix a door number to the houses despite building some pretty elaborate homes(5 & 6 bedroom "executive" style properties)

  peter99co 14:25 15 Mar 2010

Sounds very unusual. Is it all new development?

Perhaps they should be asked if they have a door number displayed when they place their order.

Maybe the owners want to remain anonymous.

  wiz-king 14:47 15 Mar 2010

Thats OK but who pays when the house is re-numbered by the council, my house has been re-named/numbered three times as more houses have been built along the same road.
PS. Your lucky if you can see the front door from the road, round here the hedges are too high and the gardens too long and peering down the drive with binoculars is a bit frowned upon.

  sunnystaines 16:06 15 Mar 2010

I am sure under the post office act numbers have to be displayed.

  Quickbeam 16:22 15 Mar 2010

I know how you feel, I did taxi work for a while and felt like throttling those that didn't have their houses numbered, or those that put black on black or those that had ivy growing over them or... good job I got out of that...

  BT 17:13 15 Mar 2010

It often confuses delivery drivers in our Close as there is no number 36. There's a 34 and next door is 38. The other thing that confuses them is that the even numbers continue from the Road round the Close and back along the Road again. The Road and Close are both called the same name and there are no odd numbers in the Close.

  justme 17:58 15 Mar 2010

The most confusing numbering I have encountered was a tenement block with three closes in it.

Number 1 & 2 were on the ground floor of the first close with 3 & 4 on the ground floor of the second close and 5 & 6 on the ground floor of the third close.

Then numbers 7,8,9 & 10 were above number 1 & 2. Numbers 11,12,13 & 14 were above numbers 3 & 4 and of course numbers 15,16,17 & 18 were above numbers 5 & 6.

  Quickbeam 18:05 15 Mar 2010

You've lost me...;)

  AL47 18:21 15 Mar 2010

we dont have numbers on our street, just names :D

  peter99co 18:48 15 Mar 2010

one two three? ;-)

  Monoux 18:52 15 Mar 2010

BT-- definitely Norfolk then :o)

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