I Peaked Too Early!

  morddwyd 20:16 18 Dec 2011

Being ahead of the game, and starting early I managed to get all my Christmas shopping in early in the month.

Now I'm out of mince pies, sausage rolls and Christmas cake and have to start again!

  Aitchbee 21:34 18 Dec 2011

Pick yourself up, shake yourself out...and start all over again!

  Forum Editor 23:14 18 Dec 2011

I made a Christmas cake a month ago - yes, me!

I've never made a cake in my life before this,and it's my pride and joy, it's been fed with cognac three times since I made it. Several people have attempted to sample it, but I'm watching it like a hawk.

I admit to trying a few mince pies - we buy them every year from a shop in Notting Hill where they make their own. Not cheap, but they're the best.

Happy second shopping.

  Graham* 00:04 19 Dec 2011

I note Morrisons have been selling tranklements for Christmas, fresh stuffing wrapped in bacon, roast potatoes, etc., with sell-by dates well before Crimbo. I can only assume they hope no-one will notice.

I nearly bought a Christmas Pudding until I spotted it was one year old.

  morddwyd 04:40 19 Dec 2011

Christmas puddings only get better with age.

We will buy next year's pudding at next month's sales, and if we can find one already a year old, so much the better.

  Quickbeam 08:37 19 Dec 2011

"Christmas puddings only get better with age."

To a point, then even a pudding will go off with mold just like a fine wine can cork eventually. Around 6 months is the optimum necessary maturing time.

  amonra 10:55 19 Dec 2011

What about the sprouts, surely they will be ready by now, or do they need a little bit longer ????

  Quickbeam 11:27 19 Dec 2011

I hate sprouts only marginally less than Marmite.

  Aitchbee 12:52 19 Dec 2011

Lidl are selling loveley big sprouts grown in East Lothian. £1 for 1kg. I counted 30 whoppers in my purchase...average weight 30g...fantastico!

Suggested served with cooked chopped chestnuts, fried bacon bits and some butter.

The B52's did a song about butter beans.

"Pass me a plateful...I'll be grateful!"

  wee eddie 15:07 19 Dec 2011

Quickbeam: ~ I beg to differ, although any Christmas Pud over 2 years old would need very special attention before cooking.

Traditionally they are made in the late Summer, for consumption in December, there is no reason why one should not use one made in the previous couple of years, or even more. The addition of a little Cider, about a couple of weeks before a long slow cooking, is advised, to counteract the natural drying of the fruit.

While at Browns, working as a Pastry Chef, I bought a number of the unused Puds one Christmas. We finished the last one, 6 years later ~ Magic.

In the recipe: Cider, Guinness, Rum, Brandy and Marsala

  morddwyd 17:32 19 Dec 2011

Don't forget my annual tip on sprouts (which I love).

Buy them "on the stalk" cut the base and stand them in water outside the door.

They keep for weeks and you can pick frost touched sprouts in your jim jams!

Incidentally, I am well into my round of sampling festive menus at local hostelries.

I am so far up to 12, but that includes a couple of repeat visits to one or two.

No out and out rejects to which I would not return as yet!

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