I never would have thought

  Ancient Learner 19:53 01 Jul 2005

that I would ever do this. That is, buy clothes on the Internet.

I find it difficult walking these days, and going into a shop, or worse, a store, is something of a nightmare, as I fear that I won't be able to get out again before I become too distressed with my breathing. My clothes were getting too well worn to be reasonable to wear and I was trying to persuade my family to buy for me, then someone said to use the Internet.

Amazing; a complete success, easy sites to use, and the stuff arrived when it said it would and reasonably priced and decent quality.

I received a small parcel from Amazon this morning, no not clothes, and they wewre offering groceries ex one of the supermarkets, delivered with a £15 discount on the first order over £75.

  Arthur Scrimshaw 20:23 01 Jul 2005

I'm glad it's worked out for you. It's always nice when things turn out better than you expect.

  pat-212841 20:26 01 Jul 2005

I'm in a little village with no car so shopping on the internet is great for me as well ,you just have to check the postage if you shop on ebay .

  Ancient Learner 21:57 01 Jul 2005

I will certainly try it again.

  Kev.Ifty 22:13 01 Jul 2005

An aladins cave!! click here


  Kate B 12:37 04 Jul 2005

I've occasionally succumbed to the temptation of click here ... fabulous stuff and wonderful, wonderful customer service. When your order goes through you get a phone call asking what time it would be convenient (usually that day or evening) for the delivery, then someone turns up bearing a deliciously packaged bag of your goodies. Some other internet companies could learn from this; and even better, although it has high-end merchandise it's often a bit cheaper than the real shops.

  Ancient Learner 16:30 04 Jul 2005

Kate B, thank you for that, I do fully understand your enthusiasm for that site, but the things there might just cause a few comments if I wore them! :))

And, yes Kev.Ifty, you are quite right, and their delivery is alright too.

  Kate B 17:35 04 Jul 2005

Ancient Learner, I guess you're not really a Jimmy Choo chick, are you? ;-)

  Aspman 14:06 05 Jul 2005

I've bought from Figleaves for 'er indoors in the past and a couple of other designer things for her and I've bought shoes for myself.

  Ancient Learner 16:02 05 Jul 2005

Alright. Just what is a 'Jimmy Choo chick' when it's about? I'm still having trouble coping with my grandchildren using 'well' instead of 'very', in for instance, 'well good'. Now if this is something that I can retaliate with I might gain some Brownie points!:-))

  Kate B 18:58 05 Jul 2005

Not sure you'd get brownie points with the grandchildren, Ancient Learner: I'm a wannabe Jimmy Choo chick but I can't afford it. Jimmy Choo is a brand of very, very beautiful shoes - and very, very expensive shoes.

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