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I love watching old Cop Shows on TV

  wee eddie 21:47 08 May 2020

As many of you will remember I have only just got a TV. 1980 to 2005, I was running a Restaurant. 2007 to mid 2019 I was driving a Taxi, back shift. The Restaurant didn't make as mush as my customers thought.

Anyway, I've not had a TV since 1980 and I now have one and have been watching Freeview. It's almost all new to me.

Well, as I said, I love those old Cop Shows. They wiz around London, or wherever, when they wish to get out they draw into a vacant Parking place.

A vacant Parking Space, in London! Wow was it really like that then

  Forum Editor 23:09 08 May 2020

I was once shown an archive of aerial photographs of my area. One of the images showed my road in the late 1930s. There were no cars driving on the road, and about three parked in driveways. It's certainly different these days; still no roadside parking, but every driveway has two or three cars on it.

  wee eddie 23:25 08 May 2020

I lived in Belgravia, and then Chelsea, from the early 60's till 1980, when I moved up to Ayr, and parking spaces were like hen's teeth then. Finding a parking Space in your own Street was a moment to cherish. Even when I went on Audit, in the Roman Road (the real East End) you couldn't park just anywhere, for love nor money.

  Condom 00:41 09 May 2020

I love watching ITV3 as it has lots of old programs I like and often miss when staying overseas. I actually am now looking for the Gentle Touch series that Jill Gascoine was in (she died last week) but so far no success. Watching the new Van der Valk made me wonder why the old series has never re-appeared on ITV3 as it must have run for more than 10 years and was well liked.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 10:24 09 May 2020

The old Van de Valk is currently showing on Talking Pictures channel 81 at 9 pm

they have recently shown the old Hazel series as well - loved the theme from both

Hazel theme sung by Maggie Bell

  Quickbeam 04:58 10 May 2020

I’ve always had a soft spot for old movies showing London speet scenes pre '65 when we moved away.

The Lady Killers, League of Gentlemen, The Lavender Hill Mob, The Long Arm etc... They always who my choice Vs new movies!

  Quickbeam 05:26 10 May 2020

Street and win are this mornings typos...

  wee eddie 07:39 10 May 2020

QB: It's nice to know that others Proof Reading skills sometimes fail them

  Quickbeam 09:10 10 May 2020


  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 11:07 10 May 2020

dyslexic fingers?


  Quickbeam 13:10 10 May 2020

No... clumsy fingers!

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