I lives will be changed for ever

  gengiscant 07:28 07 Jun 2010

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So according to David Cameron “how the £156bn deficit is tackled will affect our whole way of life". I think that statement needs some qualification.
It won’t affect the bankers, they will still get their obscene bonuses, it won’t affect the rich and super rich, they will still pay proportionately less tax than the rest of us, it won’t affect our business leaders who will continue to award themselves large pay increases and bonuses and it certainly will not affect politicians who still have their very generous expenses in place in spite of the promises made to clean up the system.
No, the only people it will affect is the lower paid/poorly paid who have had to accept job losses pay freezes and in some cases pay cuts, yet still find the money for the inevitable price rises and cuts in public/essential services.

  Big L 266 07:49 07 Jun 2010


This is arrogant assumption gengiscant. None of us know the deficit reduction plan until its announced in the Budget later this month.

To assume otherwise is speculation on your part which would not stand up to further scrutiny.I do know for certain that this country cannot live beyond its means any longer.

It will be one of a series of challenging hard-hitting budgets the likes of which won't have been seen for decades.

Big L 266

  morddwyd 07:56 07 Jun 2010

Don't hold back, gengiscant.

Let us know what you think! lol

  john 52 08:28 07 Jun 2010


The most sensible post I have seen in a long while

How does he know all this !! just look at the history books forum member

  Quickbeam 08:34 07 Jun 2010

One things for sure, it'll hurt, it always does.

  interzone55 08:41 07 Jun 2010

Spot on.

As is the case with any government cuts, when they say it will hurt us all they really mean it will hurt the middle to lower classes, the upper classes will carry on as normal...

  bri-an 08:47 07 Jun 2010

"One things for sure, it'll hurt, it always does."

Absolutely correct, and if , as past budgets tell us, the 'lower end' always loses out worst.
Let's wait and see what this Coalition actually does about obscene pay and perks, and 'fairness'.

Not holding my breath!

  Bingalau 08:56 07 Jun 2010

Maybe we can cut down on sending aid abroad?

  johndrew 10:06 07 Jun 2010

For some strange reason, it seems that regardless of the Government of the day and the state of the UK finances this is one area that is untouched. I have no idea why it should be a `sacred cow` as if the UK feels pain then it is only reasonable that others should as well. It`s not as if no other (better off?) countries are incapable of taking the strain if necessary. I suppose the argument that our `status` with those we give aid to (such as China and India) would fall.

  john 52 10:31 07 Jun 2010

The one thing I just cannot understand is with the cuts that will come(private sector and public sector) and with the increase in unemployment were are the new jobs to re-employ these people coming from ??? the people who are unable to find new employment were will the money come from to support these people ??

  Þ² 10:53 07 Jun 2010

One person's salary in the civil service will pay for 3, 4 or even 5 claimant jobseekers and senior civil servants' pay would cover a lot more.

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