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“I know where I’m going” revisited documentary, availability?

  Brumas 12:54 26 Feb 2012

I.K.W.I.G. is one of our favourite films so I was pleased, when I googled it for extra info, to learn that a television documentry was made in 1994.

“Nancy Franklin was so overwhelmed by the film 'I Know Where I'm Going!' (1945) that she traveled from New York to the Western Isles of Scotland to see the places where it was made and to find out more about the people who made it. This documentary retraces her steps on a subsequent visit.”

I would like to find a copy but I cannot seem to get anywhere in my search, all I succeed in doing is going round and round in circles (unlike the title). So, unless the glaringly obvious is staring me in the face, how do I locate a copy?

  Armchair 14:14 28 Feb 2012

Very good film. 'The Life and Death of Colonel Blimp' is my favourite by them, though.

  Brumas 15:09 28 Feb 2012

Armchair I also enjoyed the film, Roger Livesey at his best.

  Toneman 11:25 29 Feb 2012

Brumas - to follow my previous, I don't think I've seen the film but recall Michael Powell's comments on it's making in his book,"Million Dollar Movie", the follow-up to his "Life in Movies"...

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