I know where i would have put it !!!

  Seth Haniel 09:39 19 May 2010

click here

Sunderland grandmother dog poo fine scrapped

Pam Robson was told she had cleaned up after the wrong dog
A Wearside great-grandmother has won her fight against a £50 fine for picking up the wrong dog mess

  QuizMan 10:23 19 May 2010

And there was the case in the papers yesterday about a blind man being fined for failing to pick up the mess from his guide dog.

  johndrew 10:41 19 May 2010

Pity the "Jobsworth" didn`t stop to consider why he had a guide dog in the first place.

  Noldi 11:10 19 May 2010

I must admit if these are the worst cases of anti social behavior and littering then things are not so bad.

It’s the easy targets all the time, when are they starting on the real problems? After the women realized her mistake of cleaning up after the wrong dog, she cleaned up hers but still got fined. No flexibility at all.


  QuizMan 11:51 19 May 2010

It seems to be all about giving numerical targets to those issuing the tickets so they have less flexibility to use common sense. If they must have targets perhaps it should be 1 point for each ticket and minus 5 points for those overturned on appeal.

  interzone55 13:09 19 May 2010

The problem is down to the type of people who fill these jobs.

They're the kind of inflexible people who see everything as black & white because that way they don't have to think for themselves...

  spuds 17:37 19 May 2010

I always enjoy reading some of the replies given by these appeal 'judges'. They always seem to offer no apology and point out (in not so many words)- Don't do it again or else.

  Big L 266 17:39 19 May 2010


I like many people was disgusted about the treatment handed out to these two people by some overbearing, jumped-up, pea-brained, official numpty "jobsworth" from the local council.

Now that New Labour and Gordon Clueless who had passed at least 2000 pieces of anti-people legislation have gone, Prime Minister Cameron should now set about removing all such anti-people legislation to stop local and county councils deliberately and exclusively targetting people with disabilities because they're easy prey.

I'd start with the Human Rights Act myself (a.k.a.The Criminals Friend Act) and work backwards through local and county legislation and have it removed from the Statute Book and with it most of the useless jobsworth numpties and their peurile rule-books.

It can't happen fast enough.

Big L 266

  ronalddonald 17:47 21 May 2010

I remember a couple of years ago in London the fire brigade were given parking tickets from a warden yet the fire brigade were tackling a fire at the time

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