i know a lot of forum members aren't into football

  User-1229748 00:48 12 Mar 2010

and as i'm a birmingham fan most would say i don't watch much football anyway :o( but this thread from a football forum is still worth a read click here

  lotvic 01:56 12 Mar 2010

Slow start but now I'm up to page 5 and had to stop to hold my sides - and I don't like football.....
brilliant lol

  martjc 13:14 12 Mar 2010

...to get a ticket if you had to identify the block you want it in!
In fact I would never, ever make any attempt to buy any ticket to a football match. there are better things to do with my pennies. Like chuck 'em down the street for the local kids.

No! I Do not like football!

  lotvic 13:59 12 Mar 2010

I'm sorry

it's not about the football....

  Woolwell 14:50 12 Mar 2010

Warning - the language in the link is strong.

  Pineman100 17:24 12 Mar 2010

Hmmm - I got to page 3 and decided to go back to watching paint dry.


  Bapou 19:07 12 Mar 2010

I read about this in the freebie Metro paper yesterday when on a bus. Took me a couple of minutes, must admit, to believe someone could be really so thick.

Let me get this straight - here's someone buys a season ticket, each home game he goes to the ticket office seeking a ticket for his seat. He's told the seat has gone so he buys a ticket for another seat.

He doesn't realise, when the clerk says "the seat has gone" it's actually gone to him, the season ticket which automatically gives him admission is in his own pocket!

Sorry, I think I'll have a lie down!!

  lotvic 20:55 12 Mar 2010

We are sorry..... but not as sorry as he is ;-)

  rdave13 21:56 12 Mar 2010

Yes he made a mistake. Took him a while to work it out.
Man enough to take it on the chin and his mates laughed along with him. Some posters made themselves out to have lower intelligence than him by the quality of their postings.
Thick? Not really, just made a mistake.
It's called being human.
Hope you've never dropped a clanger.

  lotvic 23:53 12 Mar 2010

It reminded me of my 'senior moments'
I could empathize with the poor guy whilst lol and thinking *Doh!*

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