I Know its 1st April but..

  Seth Haniel 11:01 01 Apr 2010

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A breakfast of bacon, sausages, eggs, and beans could be the healthiest start to the day, according to new research.

  Kevscar1 11:17 01 Apr 2010

research doesn't really jibe. How could a mouse eat that much for breakfast.

  Seth Haniel 11:22 01 Apr 2010

A high-fat breakfast of bacon and eggs may be the healthiest start to the day, a new university report showed. ws
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Published: 7:55PM BST 31 Mar 2010 - ruling out April Fool

  Quickbeam 11:42 01 Apr 2010

But if it's every day, you'll get high cholesterol.

A little of what you fancy does no harm.

  jakimo 12:57 01 Apr 2010

One way of getting the population figures down I suposes

  Seth Haniel 13:15 01 Apr 2010

doesn't have to be a high fat meal -dry fry or 'one cal' - poach or boil egg
Grill bacon - weight watchers beans and it can be quite a healthy meal

before you shout eggs are full of cholestrol - they are but it passes straight through your system - you cannot absorb it - you body actually makes the cholestrol

talking from experience

  donki 15:27 01 Apr 2010

I eat about 3 eggs a day, usually poached on toast in the morning. Everybody gasps and sighs at the huge amounts of cholestrol I consume!! This usually comes from the people who have a bag of crisps, a mars bar and a can of coke for their breakfast.

  karmgord 20:01 02 Apr 2010

donki.eggs have now been ok'd regarding cholesterol.

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I was told wholegrain cereals are good for you as is red wine,so for breakfast I pour red wine on my Shredded Wheat!
:- )

  Seth Haniel 20:10 02 Apr 2010

beware of those special eggs though - the ones they sell this time of the year :)

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