I know it has to be done

  carver 10:01 30 Apr 2013

I know it has to be done but I would hate to take part in a trial such as this gene therapy or have a partner take part and wonder if I or my partner had the real treatment or the dummy.

But if it does work what next, if they can start to engineer genes and they are successful then one day people could look back and wonder why we had to cut people open to repair organ failures.

  Quickbeam 10:09 30 Apr 2013

At the risk of souring the triumphs of modern science, when we do discover the elixir of life that lets us all live forever (or comparatively so), who pays for our retirement years that will last many decades more than our working years?

Not to mention raising the compulsory international birth control taboo that will have to be addressed sooner or later this century.

  carver 10:15 30 Apr 2013

Quickbeam you don't get to retire, you have to keep working to pay for the treatment to keep you alive.

The top 10 % will just have to have more slaves sorry servants.

  Forum Editor 10:35 30 Apr 2013


"Not to mention raising the compulsory international birth control taboo that will have to be addressed sooner or later this century."

Compulsory birth control can be imposed by totalitarian governments, but not in democracies.

  Quickbeam 10:48 30 Apr 2013

But either can address the taboo positively.

  Forum Editor 11:45 30 Apr 2013


Yes, but you said "compulsory" which is an entirely different thing.

  Quickbeam 11:57 30 Apr 2013

I remove the word 'compulsory' from my prediction.

  Forum Editor 11:59 30 Apr 2013

In which case I totally agree with you.

  lotvic 12:14 30 Apr 2013

Too late, it's a topic that is raised at most International meetings in democracies as well as totalitarian governments - Reproductive rights - see the section on Population control (near bottom of page) http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Reproductive_rights it gets discussed constantly.

  Forum Editor 12:33 30 Apr 2013

"it gets discussed constantly."

It does indeed, but action needs to be concerted, which prompted my agreement with Quickbeam.

Totalitarian governments can impose controls, and have done so in the past. Democracies face a far more difficult problem, particularly in the developing nations.

In the EU the population will actually fall overall by 2060, but there will be problems of a different kind - the ratio of workers to pensioners will fall drastically, placing an enormous burden on welfare budgets, and consequent tax rises for workers. Britain is about the only large country in Europe where population is predicted to rise over the next 50 years - from 61 million to almost 77 million. It's because we have a younger average age - our current birth rate is the highest it's been for a generation, up from 11.76 births per 1000 of population in 2000 to 12.27 in 2012.

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