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I Know it is easy.....

  kev.Ifty 21:41 01 Oct 2004

But I'm confoosed.

A recent post by TOPCAT®, listed here in speakers corner entitled
"So, it IS true!"
click here

Says that the last posting was 30.09.04 20:56. But when i click it i can only see one from 27.09.04 05:27

Has FE deleted something or is it me?

Cheers Kev

  kev.Ifty 21:44 01 Oct 2004

and when i hit the "post" button my IE shut down.......... They're out to get me i know they are!


  kev.Ifty 22:18 01 Oct 2004

Cheers VoG™


  Forum Editor 00:04 02 Oct 2004

but to set the record straight it was not at the postee's request. The postee was TOPCAT®, and he didn't ask me to remove the post - the poster did that.

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