I knew it!

  ened 10:35 20 Dec 2009

click here

At last: 'scientifically proven'!

  Input Overload 10:50 20 Dec 2009

You only have to spend 10 minutes watching at my local school car park, you don't need to be a scientist. 'Persons' exchanging insurance details has been seen by me on at least two occasions this year.

I still can't comprehend how a femme ran into the back of my 2 week old car earlier this year attempting to drive into the parking space next to me. There were at least 15 spaces at the side of me at the time. I was tight up to the right hand side as it was an end space giving over two feet to the next line & she still hit me.

I hope this doesn't cause any flaming or annoyance in this well ordered forum. ;-)

  ened 10:52 20 Dec 2009

"I hope this doesn't cause any flaming or annoyance in this well ordered forum. ;-)"

So do I - it was only meant to be bit of light-hearted relief.

  Input Overload 11:02 20 Dec 2009

I actually know a lady who is a WPC & can reverse at speeds some people can't go forward at. She always reverses into a parking spaces far more efficiently than I can.

ened my post was not meant to be taken seriously, just my wicked sense of humour.

  peter99co 11:02 20 Dec 2009

My near neigbours have demonstrated this for years
I have one blocking my driveway at this moment and she lives across the road.

She cannot manage to drive into her own driveway either forward or backwards.

Use your mirrors I told her. I cant see anything with them, she said.

  Barnacarry 11:26 20 Dec 2009

AS Germaine Greer said 'You must remember women also have bosoms, which makes it very difficult to turn around'. Perhaps if they didn't sit so close to the steering wheel....

  bri-an 11:48 20 Dec 2009

I think I'm with Professor Greer on this, "These scientists were just trying to provoke people like me and it sounds like an extreme waste of resources.’
Like most things there are good and better (and ,of course, we're all in the latter! - well, I am, anyway!!).(;-))

  michaelw 11:55 20 Dec 2009

My daughter is extremely good at driving and reversing.

But generally males' skills are 'spacial' so we can judge distances better than females. But women have compensatory skills like 'women's intuition' where they can assess people and situations much faster than men at an unconscious level.

  Forum Editor 12:11 20 Dec 2009

because they need to - when we were hunter-gatherers the men needed to be able to judge distances and areas more than women. It helped to feed and protect the family - men are good at scanning the territory for danger.

As michaelw says, women possess skills that are more finely developed. In general they are better communicators, and more cautious - female drivers have fewer serious accidents, and are less likely to be killed, although they tend to have more minor bumps - possibly because of that decreased spatial awareness.

When it comes to thinking on several different levels at the same time women leave men standing. Men tend to focus on the job in hand - back to that hunting thing again.

  Brumas 12:42 20 Dec 2009

Just for the record, I am a bloke and I am not the world's best parker! I am certainly not quick when parallel parking but I do get there in the end!

  Snec 13:14 20 Dec 2009

My sister isn't too hot at reversing. She says it's because she's more of a 'going forwards' type person, like most women.

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