I just got a Council Tax bill for 20pence

  lotvic 18:47 12 Nov 2007

you can see it click here

I had paid in full the bill I got in April so thought that was it for the year.
Two weeks ago I had one of those home visits to check if our household was getting all we were entitled to.
(I get some rebate as mum is nearly 90)

So, we've had:
a home visit that resulted in a bill for 20p (with the option of arranging to pay it in instalments by Direct Debit)
If I wanted to query it I was supposed to write to them (err... the stamp would have cost more than the bill amount )
so instead today I spent a full hour at the Town hall customer services and she had to enlist the help on the phone of another person.
It now has to be recalculated and rebilled at the other office as it turns out that they got it wrong and owe me some more rebate.

Do you think it is worth me asking for interest on the 45pence they owe me?

  octal 18:57 12 Nov 2007

You should have paid by direct debit for ten months and asked for a discount :D

  Quickbeam 18:59 12 Nov 2007

I would've just sellotaped a 20p coin to the bill & returned it!

  lotvic 19:46 12 Nov 2007

I like octal's suggestion, wonder what would have happened if I'd tried it :))

  Stuartli 19:50 12 Nov 2007

Why did you have to pay for a home visit (to check for whether you were getting all to which you were entitled) or any other reason?

I've never been "charged" for a home visit (on behalf of my wife); in fact the main individual who helps to arrange assistance rings up once a month or so to check if there is anything else he is able to help with in any way.

  Bingalau 19:59 12 Nov 2007

Never mind taping a 20 pence piece to a letter, and sending it through the post .. You should have just sent a five pound note and asked for change.

  BT 08:26 13 Nov 2007

My Mum got a Council Tax bill for 1p - yes ONE PENNY! some years ago.

  egapup 08:31 13 Nov 2007

The amount of our money the councils waste is a scandal, they need sorting out.

  lotvic 10:06 13 Nov 2007

the bill wasn't for the home visit, it was for 'underpaid Council Tax' because of their supposedly (mis)calculation of rebate.

and they still haven't got it right hence at Town Hall they decided that they actually owe me about 45p

What a waste of resources it must be costing the council many £'s in wages to sort out a few pence

  bjh 10:49 13 Nov 2007

May I encourage people to check carefully that their house is in the correct band? I have just successfully appealed (it went all the way to independent arbitration with VTS) and have a rebate cheque for £612 overpayment this year. It is quite a time consuming process, but actually good fun. My doing it encouraged two others in the village to have a go. One had success without appeal, the other has been rejected but will still go to appeal.

The Martyn Lewis Moneysavingexpert site has further information.

You MIGHT end up with rather more than a 20p refund!

  lotvic 11:47 13 Nov 2007

thanks bjh but did that Martyn Lewis thing a while back and unless the whole area from being built in 1960's is in wrong band then no chance. It might even go wrong way as there have been alterations and extensions built.

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