I just fainted...

  powerless 02:43 24 Oct 2004

£5 for one DVD DL disk...

Goodness gracious me.

I'd only need two [maybe three] come to think of it.

  no-name 10:08 24 Oct 2004


  kakasnarta 10:30 24 Oct 2004

For the latest tech.....you will always pay a premium....in a few months they will cost peanuts ........they get you by the short and curlys everytime.

Why not just buy 6 or so normal DVD-R/W?

  powerless 14:46 24 Oct 2004

I know, I know...

Gonna buy abut 60 soon.

  jack 17:03 24 Oct 2004

Any computer fairs in your area?

  stalion 21:27 24 Oct 2004

smelling salts?

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