I like this idea

  sunnystaines 14:00 05 Jun 2011

doorbell linked to your mobile phone

link text

  Autoschediastic 14:14 05 Jun 2011

sunnystaines this is truly an idea i would buy! fantastic on all levels thanks for the link..

  Bald Eagle 17:23 05 Jun 2011

I'm on for one of those! Out in France and answer my doorbell in the UK! BE

  Strawballs 17:30 05 Jun 2011

The idea that it would trick burglars is laughable but it would still be very useful

  oresome 20:42 05 Jun 2011

I think the problem is how you convince the caller that you ARE at home, but are not going to open the door to them.

Nevertheless, a good idea.

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