I like Hights BUT never in a million years!

  Uboat 15:56 18 Sep 2010

No harness.? no saftey net omg! i dont realy fear hights but this is something else..

(Sorry about the advert i couldnt find a direct link anywhere)

click here

  jimo64 16:18 18 Sep 2010

nice find U boat, i have a head for height , but that's really high, don't no if i could go that high without a shoot on me back just in case like, great vid.

  muddypaws 16:39 18 Sep 2010

Surely they could be winched down from a helicopter?
I managed to watch it to the end without throwing myself out of the chair!
Bet they have no life insurance. Hopefully the firm pays for it.

  Uboat 16:50 18 Sep 2010

Thing which i was thinking of was they must be moisture on the structure at that hight? so it must be slippery.? i'm supprised the structure wasnt made with a more permanant framework for their harnesses to attach too.?

Jim thanks!

Muddypaws you would think that would be the safest/easyest option.? maybe it would take a man to lose his life for them to rethink how the top is accessable!


  Woolwell 17:10 18 Sep 2010

Winching down from a helicopter would actually be quite difficult and possibly more dangerous. The pilot would have few external references at that height.

  Woolwell 17:13 18 Sep 2010

Workmen used to build bridges without safety harnesses. Not at the same height as this tower but high enough to kill if you fell was the work on the Tamar Bridge in the 1960's. The early part of the film click here shows some workmen at height.

  wellshgit 20:37 18 Sep 2010

Why would'nt they have life insurance?. It's in America, and they have Health and Safety laws like we do. Also for most of the climb the ladder is inside the tower, it's just the last section where it gets dangerous. That.s when they use their harnesses. They probably do this very often so they are used to it, just like the men who built the skyscrapers, who walked along girders without harnesses. Still they have my respect, I could climb the tower, but the rest no way!

  OTT_B 21:03 18 Sep 2010

I think I'd want a parachute and no tool kit. Great video!

  Blackhat 22:41 18 Sep 2010

This has been posted before but if you have a head for heights you will enjoy this.
click here

  Uboat 00:43 19 Sep 2010

Blackhats thats a great link!
I still after watching the link i posted cant understand how someone can have the guts to climb THAT!

  mole44 06:17 19 Sep 2010

makes my changing a light bulb in the house look mundane.

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