I hereby declare

  Forum Editor 13:27 06 May 2006

the silly season to be well and truly open.

click here

  GANDALF <|:-)> 14:17 06 May 2006

To the Editor of The Times....

Dear Sir

may I state that I have just heard the first cuckoo of spring.

Yours Herbert Whittingham-Fyffe (Maj-Gen., ret'd)

  VideoSentry 14:24 06 May 2006

I think it is called 'Mitigation', which is why he does not want to be tried in the US, and his defence team will say "He really is a good Man"

  €dstowe 14:25 06 May 2006


Interesting statement from NASA at the end of the article: "It denied it would ever manipulate images in order to deceive and said it had a policy of open and full disclosure,"

Is that why there are such vast expanses of Nevada (and other states) devoid of all detail in Google Earth and World Wind? Or that there are no authorised flight paths over the same areas?

I'm not suggesting any conspiracy theories here but it is rather odd.

  Forum Editor 14:34 06 May 2006

are devoid of detail in google earth becuase they are ......devoid of detail. Not too many people search for close-up images of rusting pick-up trucks and discarded Coors beer cans.

  SG Atlantis® 14:38 06 May 2006

He looks a bit alien.

Maybe he invented the "free energy" technology and the US who knows who/what he is stole it from him, he's pissed and wants it back. The US gov't are tired of him now and want to shut him up. Of course he doesn't want to go back to the US and is hiding behind British Law?

How's that for far fetched?

I really think aliens exist! Space is just too big for aur wee planet to be a one off!

  Forum Editor 14:40 06 May 2006


Further to the recent letter from Biffo Whittingham-Fyffe, allow me to respectfully state that in fact I heard the first cuckoo of spring (some two days before Biffo) in my wood in Wiltshire.

I remain sir, yours faithfully,

A.D.S.L. (Binky) Huffingham-Mountford.

  Forum Editor 14:45 06 May 2006

So do lots of people.

Lots of people also think that dinosaurs never lived, and that you can move solid objects by the power of thought alone, and that ghosts are real, and that some people can see the future, or communicate with the dead, and that a lump of crystal can influence your life, and all manner of loopy things besides.

That's what makes the human race such a fascinating species - its sheer diversity.

  Curio 14:51 06 May 2006

With 24 Hour drinking, at what time does the Season close?

  The Spires 15:07 06 May 2006

... or that England will win the world cup.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 15:10 06 May 2006

I always find that people who claim to have a sixth sense are lacking in the other five.


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