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I heard a cuckoo today go first time

  john bunyan 10:12 02 Jun 2017

I thought cuckoos were around earlier than this but I heard a cuckoo persistently calling today. All the usual green woodpeckers, jays etc are around, but I missed a cuckoo last year. I'm in Hampshire in a suburban area on edge of small green belt

  wee eddie 10:38 02 Jun 2017

We've had Cuckoos doing their bit, here in Ayr. for several weeks now and last week I was up at Loch Linnie where they were out in force

  Quickbeam 13:06 02 Jun 2017

The whole country has gone cuckoo this year!

  csqwared 20:32 02 Jun 2017

wee eddie

Just back from a trip along the North & West coast of Scotland and from Durness downwards found the cuckoo a constant companion. Nary a one back here Yorkshire.

  Forum Editor 08:07 03 Jun 2017

The internet is your friend where cuckoos are concerned.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 13:18 03 Jun 2017

Mine lives in a clock and only comes out when the grandkids here :0)

  Aitchbee 19:15 03 Jun 2017

When I was young and went searching for lost golf balls early in the morning [at my local golf course] I always thought that the cuckoo spit on grassy plants meant that there were hundreds of salivating cuckoos about ;o]

  oresome 08:56 05 Jun 2017


Looking for golf balls brings back memories of my childhood! I used to sell them to the deputy head at school who was a keen golfer.

I knew the local golf course inside out with respect to where lost golf balls were likely to be found.

The blue tits finally left our nesting box last week. It was exhausting watching them darting back and forth whilst eating my breakfast. I think it may have been their second brood as they've been at it a long time.

Not heard a cuckoo this year but the woods are half a mile distant and my hearing is declining and the general background noise from human activity increases year on year.

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