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I hear cheers from Independent Chemists everywhere

  wee eddie 12:24 09 Jul 2020

Apparently Boots are closing 45 Stores and their Opticians Counters throughout the country.

Is it a good thing, that the major Chains are withdrawing from Markets in which they traded at a loss?

  alanrwood 12:39 09 Jul 2020

Bit concerned if this is true. I use Boots Opticians myself as I have found them to give a better service that the other two big ones and I don't have to travel as far.

Strange but I received my reminder from Boots only yesterday.

  Aitchbee 14:05 09 Jul 2020

The got too big for their boots.

  Pine Man 14:18 09 Jul 2020

No loss to me at all. I Left Boots Chemists and Opticians years ago due to very poor service and value. Aitchbee is right!

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 14:33 09 Jul 2020

in which they traded at a loss?

what at Boot's prices?

  Forum Editor 23:03 09 Jul 2020

Lots of retail businesses trade on very low margins - they rely on plenty of turnover to survive, and that has taken a big hit over the last three months.

Companies like John Lewis are now selling more online than they do in their stores, and to do that they need fewer people and fewer expensive town centre properties.

It's a story that will be repeated many times in the coming months. Small retailers in less populated areas may fare better but I think the future for the big shopping centres is less certain.

  wee eddie 23:41 09 Jul 2020

FE:- Quite a while before Covid-19 arrived on the scene, Malls were losing Tenants. many of the "Out of Town" Shopping Centres, round here, had empty Units. I cannot speak for the likes of Blue Water, or similar, but a friendly Card Retailer I know (at the time they had 22 High Street Units in Scotland and Northern England) was offered a 5 year lease, in a City Boundary Retail Park, with an initial 6 months Rent Free as an inducement.

  rickf 13:19 13 Jul 2020

They evade paying UK tax. Hope they go away.

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