I have searched high and low.

  wee eddie 10:33 26 Apr 2017

Two days ago, I lost my "sleep goggles". Now, as I work nights, anything that aids sleep during daylight hours is a boon, not to be sniffed at.

I have searched the whole house, floors, walls, hooks, drawers, everywhere that I can think they may have been put. Not a whiff of them.

So, I've just been onto eBay and ordered a new set.

I am now expecting to trip over them at any moment!

  Aitchbee 12:28 26 Apr 2017

I'm surprised at you, wee eddie, for not having a few backups ;o]

  martd7 13:01 26 Apr 2017

Are you theyre not in the shed :)

  x123 13:15 26 Apr 2017

Just wait till you are looking for something else and they will turn up.

ps have you checked under your pillow?

  bumpkin 13:22 26 Apr 2017

No point in searching anywhere, you won't find them until 2 minutes after the postman knocks with the replacement. At least you will have a spare pair.

  oresome 17:57 26 Apr 2017

I have searched high and low.

Chance are they will be at mid-level and you've missed them!

  lotvic 22:40 26 Apr 2017

As per HB - I am also surprised you had no backups :D

  Aitchbee 22:48 26 Apr 2017

lotvic - thanks for backing me up.

  lotvic 22:59 26 Apr 2017

HB, that's ok, hope you don't mind being down the bottom of the garden in a shed... or perhaps I'll make a clone and then you can be a trendy garden gnome.

  wee eddie 23:21 26 Apr 2017

Oh, I have a backup, but it is old incomplete

  Burn-it 23:43 26 Apr 2017

They are at the bottom of the bed and your feet will find them tonight.

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