I have quite painful dry eye sydrome

  hssutton 12:50 06 Jun 2016

Anyone with a similar condition found a worthwile treatment for this affliction. At the moment I'm using Murine dry & tired eyes which give temporary relief, but really require something that lasts longer. Any suggestions.

  beynac 14:36 06 Jun 2016

I had this after laser eye correction surgery. I tried various drops but didn't help. Eventually I bought an EyeBag. When heated in the microwave it clears the ducts which keep your eye lubricated. EyeBag website

  hssutton 15:51 06 Jun 2016

Thanks beynac. Will have a look at that. I do use a warm compress as recommended by the optician, but the effects are short lived

  Matt. 16:50 06 Jun 2016
  hssutton 17:59 06 Jun 2016

Matt thanks for the info. just looked at Boots who are charging £5.29 for 10g as against your link at £2.55. How long is the relief with Viscotears?

  lotvic 18:44 06 Jun 2016

These are prescribed by GP, but are available over counter for about £2 HYPROMELLOSE 0.3% Eye Drops. The makes 'Mandanol' and 'Blumont' come in best container for dispensing (some of the other makes squirt all over the place. I usually go to Superdrug for them.

  Matt. 19:28 06 Jun 2016

How long is the relief with Viscotears

I use it twice a day helps me a lot.

  hssutton 20:31 06 Jun 2016

Thanks Matt, I've just ordered Viscotears will see how they work for me. Lotvic Will see how I get on with Viscotears, but have made a note of your suggestion.

  Matt. 21:19 06 Jun 2016

Hope Viscotears helps you.

  davecartman 08:15 07 Jun 2016


I used to suffer from a feeling that there was something in my eye when there was nothing there, very sore and annoying. I believe these symptoms were the same as dry eye. This happened mostly when on holiday and I was spending more time in the car.I eventually traced the cause to the air conditioning which was directed near my face and the blast of very dry air was causing the problem. This may not apply to your problem but it's worth a thought. I used similar product to those recommended and found they helped until the problem resolved itself by redirecting the air conditioning.

  Gordon Freeman 08:24 07 Jun 2016

I'll add these Blink Intensive Tears into the mix. The liquid is 'thicker' than normal eye drops, but not 'claggy' like a gel might be. They're very good.

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