I have just read the Windows 9 article

  wee eddie 22:28 19 Aug 2014

If it is correct I don't think that Microsoft have understood the problem.

Few of us like those stupid Squares and Rectangles, apart from being condescending, in assuming that our manual dexterity is insufficiently controlled to touch an area of the screen 10mm in diameter, which is roughly what the current Program Icons are. They make the screen look like a Primary School Play Board.

I like my screen to display the Photograph of my choice and little else, I'm sure that many Wage Slaves have similar feelings as the standard of Office decoration is usually tasteless and boring.

There is little wrong with the "Charms" concept, apart from an inept choice of name and it's method of display/format. I was going to use rather stronger language there but decided that it was not a good idea to try FE's patience at the present!

All in all, if I can have a pretty screen (my choice) to look at, I will manage to overcome almost any peccadillos that Microsoft might chose to throw my way.

And before anyone says, in a rather po-faced manner, that it can be altered to achieve such a description. Think on this;

If you were to buy a Coat, you would expect to be able to put it on and walk out the shop. You would not expect to have to get the colour changed, the collar altered and the buttons replaced. If that was what was on offer, you might easily go into another shop and see what they had to offer.

  lotvic 23:44 19 Aug 2014

Having just had a quick look at article click here I can only agree with you. Stupid Squares and Rectangles.

  Aitchbee 00:00 20 Aug 2014

Squares and Rectangles are sensible geometric shapes just mindin' their own business [innocent by-standers] ... so less of the stupid, please - if you don't mind, as it might hurt their feelings.

  iscanut 11:52 20 Aug 2014

Looks like a move to a Mac may be on the cards when I change my present desktop.

  wee eddie 12:15 20 Aug 2014

Once upon a time I was attached to the R&D Department of 3M. A huge Company in its day.

At the time a call from the Head of Department to all us Troglodytes, was that we needed anything, but anything, to justify our existence. Product changes were suggested and made because R&D said that that was what would sell.

The company survived despite our best endeavours!

  sunnystaines 13:21 20 Aug 2014

the metro dumb down screen style i think is more for young children to get used to using a computer. Do not know of anyone that uses it.

a choice during install to exclude it would be a good idea.

  sunnystaines 16:50 20 Aug 2014

woolwell do you prefer it to the standard windows desktop, or do you just use some special app squares.

  Gordon Freeman 21:45 20 Aug 2014

Jock1e: W/8 was a disaster...why do you think that?

It's quite clear that you feel this way by your very, very, many posts & your constant camping out in that particular forum (when it was there)...I thought at one stage you were on a win 8/win 8.1 forum vigil (complete with sleeping bag no doubt), answering every post which came in, with gusto!

Nothing wrong with win 8 (now win 8.1) if you go to the trouble of configuring it the way you want.

For those of us who like the win 7 config, just get the Classic Shell, boot direct into desktop, get rid of the stupid metro tiles (if you wish) & get rid of the 'charms' thing...result...an improved win 7.

What's the problem? Even my better half can work win 8.1, and she was previously well & truly in the Vista camp.

  sunnystaines 08:40 21 Aug 2014

i read yesterday that the august microsoft update should have been another minor service pack called update 2 cahanging a lot of features re the metro screen and start menu etc. but was pulled just before release and put back to w9.

link click here

  Menzie 13:19 22 Aug 2014

The thing about Windows 9 and PC sales is that a lot of people have now resorted to building their own systems. Hardware manufacturers are doing well but many enthusiasts aren't buying branded systems any more.

We have also reached a point where things are good enough. The vast majority of offices across the world are simply using word processors, spreadsheets and email. New hardware isn't required for these tasks in any way and the latest, shiniest OS isn't going to convince corporations to upgrade.

A surprising amount of organisations are still using Pentium 4/ AMD Athlon era systems. These systems run fine for what they do and there is no reason to change. My system was upgraded last year for my gaming needs, however if my PC was used for lighter tasks there would be no reason to change it or buy a new system.

I expect to be forced to upgrade my OS soon as I am certain the latest Direct X will not be available on Windows 7. I can't wait for Steam OS to become more common for gaming or Linux in general.

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