I HATE SPYWARE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  matt1234 00:00 12 Mar 2005


i am called to peoples houses with people saying "my computer has become slow" and i always run a virus scan, clear out temp internet files ETC. But when i get to spyware scan, the computer is full of it.

Now i go to people who arnt very computer literate and by the end of explaining it they pretty much hate it like i do. Personally it is as bad a viruses and should be illegal to even produce it!!!

It aint to bad to me because its good 2 hours work so i get paid but its unfair as many people dont know what half of this stuff does!!!

I say make it illegal and make windows update download microsoft anti-spyware to your machine and the problem will be almost gone (i hope)!!!

Sorry i had to say this!!!


  picklsey 05:48 12 Mar 2005

here here

  BIG Ben strikes 10 again! 09:19 12 Mar 2005

Oh my god you don't like spyware?

I love spyware,always there to give your computer a boost of performance!

Only joking.

I find the best way to calm yourself with all the stuff that appears on your computer is to pretend you are a monkey in a pinata.


  GANDALF <|:-)> 09:55 12 Mar 2005

I tend to find that I have more pressing things to worry about.


  The Spires 12:18 12 Mar 2005

I haven't picked any spyware up this year on five Pc's, I have never been hijacked or had my home page changed etc.
I have over twelve hundred bookmarks & have used the net everyday for ten years. The internet is much like a city, there are places best avoided, & if you fail to heed that rule that problems will be encountered.

The best protection is to use the big thing between your ears. (Not your nose)

  sattman 13:44 12 Mar 2005

I somehow do not think that these last two posts will be in any way reassuring to the many internet users who have had to spend time and incurr costs in removing spyware or other rubbish from thier computer

  GANDALF <|:-)> 14:48 12 Mar 2005

I recently posted a few golden rules to avoid spyware. They were not rocket science and unlike serious illness, spyware is not really a problem in the greater shape of things. People spend more time getting all previous about spyware than taking a few SIMPLE precautions.


  stalion 16:50 12 Mar 2005

Spywareblaster hates it to!

  mbp 18:59 12 Mar 2005

All these moans but no clues given! Why don't some of you post the list of Freeware to download, so that Newbies can be protected, with some hints as to how to use it. For example:
Over and above AV and FW use this program to Search and Destroy Spyware. Use this to prevent loading in the first place, etc. AS I am no expert, I leave it to those who know much more.

  stalion 19:02 12 Mar 2005

these have been posted many many times if you would like a list of the best free protection then ask in the help forum.

  mark2 19:56 12 Mar 2005

click here
see the first post in the thread for further advice regarding spyware/malware

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