I failed my British Citizenship Test...

  Proclaimer 18:06 28 Jan 2013

No. of Questions: 12 Wrongly Answered: 5 Correctly Answered: 7


I don't think I can be kicked out though, I was born here. :)

  Quickbeam 07:07 29 Jan 2013

Looking on the bright side, you can still take part on this forum from exile.

  carver 08:58 29 Jan 2013

8 out of 12 correct and I always thought that the House of Lords were of equal importance to Parliament.

  Quickbeam 09:06 29 Jan 2013

Won't they both soon be an EU irrelevance!

  john bunyan 09:14 29 Jan 2013

I got 9/12. Maybe, reading the views on the EU thread, some could suggest alternative questions (tongue in cheek Flack99) eg: 1. Who won the 1966 World Cup? 2. Who won the 2nd world war ?. 3. Which Prime Minister said "No!, No!,No!". 4. etc. maybe other amusing questions......

  spuds 12:12 29 Jan 2013

I think that I saw a small version of this test in the Sun newspaper. if I recall right, the answers where 'C' on every question asked.

But will all this change the fact, that some very long term resident's here in the UK cannot still speak or really understand English, because their culture or caste (or menfolk) doesn't possibly allow for this?.

  Forum Editor 12:21 29 Jan 2013


I know some British people who have lived in Hong Kong for over twenty years and still haven't bothered to learn any Chinese.

Ditto British people who have lived in France for a very long time, and ditto Italy.

The reason in their case is that many nationals in those countries put themselves to the trouble of learning English; probably because they realise what a lazy, self-obsessed lot we are. They make the effort because they know we won't. It cuts both ways, this language thing.

  spuds 12:57 29 Jan 2013


I generally found that the English language thing was mainly due to people accepted English as an International Language, and this made English speaking people more reluctant (lazy) in perhaps learning the language of the country they are visiting or taking residence.

In my travelling days, I lived and worked with many 'locals', and it was through this that I was able to pick up some of the essential phrases or dialects in life, and was then able to get around far easier.

But coming back to the subject that I raised (and possibly British Citizenship). I have on many occasions had to seek the help of say a very young person of the household as a translator from an Asian language to English because the perhaps older womenfolk or person or caste type were not allowed to understand or communicate directly in English.

I have a number of friends who are able to change language 'mid sentence', but by doing this in the wrong location, can cause resentment, because of the 'are they talking about me' consideration. Personally, when my friends and those I know do this,I tend to find it most pleasing.

  Phil Ocifer 09:48 30 Jan 2013

That's better - 9 out of 10 on the slightly easier Guardian test page. I'm just not familiar with Parliament apparently, but that hardly proves the end of life the universe and everything.

I found some of the questions on the prepareuktest page a little obscure - I just thought who the heck is going to know the answers to these, and little chance the immigrants might know.

  spuds 11:05 30 Jan 2013

At the end of the day, I wonder how many people who were born, bred and lived here would fail the British Citizen test. Would this lead to their and possibly their family's deportation, or could they do a re-test :O(

  JYPX 21:09 02 Feb 2013

Studying for, and then passing, the test is the easy bit. The difficult bit is finding the admin fee for the first stage of citizenship which is £1000. Yes - One Thousand Pounds to check that a form has been completed correctly. Should take perhaps 30 minutes.....

That's a lot a money to find when you earn £6.19 an hour looking after the needs of our very elderly. Even after 5 years.

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