I don't want to drone on about this...

  Forum Editor 16:19 30 May 2018

but this change in the law is not before time, although it doesn't do enough in my opinion. An online safety test is laughable - how on earth is that going to be in any way enforceable?

Someone who lives near me has a drone, and he and has the habit of test flying it over my garden (and others) at weekends, just as we're trying to relax in the sunshine. It makes a racket, and is intrusive, even at that height.

The owner - he calls himself a 'pilot' - is oblivious to complaints, saying that he's entitled to fly as long as the drone is 50 metres away from people. he gets around this by flying it 50 metres high, which doesn't seem much when the thing is droning back and forth over your garden. You do get the feeling that you're being spied upon.

Do we have any dedicated drone 'pilots' amongst us?

  bumpkin 16:30 30 May 2018

If they are becoming a danger or nuisance to others then they should be regulated, guidelines are not sufficient.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 16:44 30 May 2018

Whilst it its not illegal to fly a drone over your house, it,s also not illegal to shoot it down :0)

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  LastChip 16:56 30 May 2018

Drones are a curse. They are invisible to other aircraft pilots until it's (potentially) too late. They should be totally banned, except for the emergency services, which should have highly trained (proper) pilots and used under strict controls. The training required at present is inadequate and frankly, a joke.

  pavvi 08:27 31 May 2018

The results from drone photographers, at least the more professional ones can be absolutely incredible. What it needs is more regulation and an actual physical licence that can be revoked if there is misuse.

  bremner 10:04 31 May 2018
  Cymro. 11:09 31 May 2018

My 8 year old grandson had a drone but lost it on the second day, good job I think. It makes me shudder just to think what the outcome of such things could be. Let's just hope they get things right regarding regulations BEFORE something really big happens.

  Forum Editor 11:34 31 May 2018

"Let's just hope they get things right regarding regulations BEFORE something really big happens."

It's already happened.

I was in Antigua last year, and was lying on the beach one morning, thinking about the forum when a drone started flying back and forth along the water's edge. I asked a passing member of staff what was going on, and he said someone was filming a promotional video for the hotel.

I quickly sucked in my stomach, but my wife said it was too late. the evidence is out there, somewhere.

  lotvic 12:13 31 May 2018

Drones have to be 50 metres away from buildings not belonging to drone owner, not just people. That includes taking off, landing, and 50m above roof height.

  Forum Editor 12:20 31 May 2018


"Drones have to be 50 metres away from buildings not belonging to drone owner"

Current legistation (which is regulated by the Civil Aviation Authority) says that drones must be at least 50 metres away from people and private property, and 150 metres from congested areas and organised open-air assemblies of more than 1,000 people.

  Aitchbee 12:23 31 May 2018

FE, that's a cracker, lol, ;o], many on here will empathise with your predicament.

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